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  1. UofT, Western, Queens, McMaster, UOttawa or any Canadian schools
  2. I was wondering if there is anyone that got admitted to western/queens medical (or any other medical school that accepts your last two years gpa) and could give me some pointers on what they did to get in.
  3. When medical schools talk about cumulative gpa, are they only referring to the most recent 3 years of study or all 4 years of undergrad? Also, how would it differ if I did a 5th year prior to graduating?
  4. Are there any other canadian schools that are possible if i do a fifth year?
  5. So I really want to get into medical school and I want to push through my last two years of biomedical science at York knowing i gave it my all. So if anyone who's obtained 3.9s/4.0 could share their study methods and tips, that would be much appreicated.
  6. What EC's would you recommend? I have been volunteering on and off at a Senior Care Home since grade 9 but due to covid, I haven't lately. Im also planning on joining the pre-med club at my school.
  7. How would a fifth year work in undergrad? Would I still take 4th year courses for a year? Also, if i did a fifth year, would it open up other schools like uoft since i would have 3 years of UG?
  8. Hi I was wondering if I can get some advice. I’m starting my third year at York university in September for biomedical sciences. So I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical field but I never knew what I wanted to be for sure till this summer where I took the time to reflect and really think about what I want and have enjoyed doing during volunteer/work experiences which is to become a pediatrician. Also, I come from an immigrant family where im the first person to attend university and my parents didn’t know a lot about university and how things worked in terms of graduate schools/ work after graduation. (Also any recommended efficient study methods would be super helpful) I tried to do some research but this didn’t come till later where I realized how important your GPA really is through researching life after university. For my first year, I ended up with a 2.3 gpa and second year I was soo lost and going through things that I ended up taking one course in one semester and two courses in another semester that year and my gpa was roughly around the same. I then decided to catch up over the summer and took organic chemistry 1 (along with calculus and cell bio) which was offered in 6 weeks (I thought it was doable considering I did the course before and dropped it before the deadline). I studied and did practice questions but I got an E in organic chemistry(as I failed the lecture component (includes midterms-did ok on one and did bad on second one, exams-did bad/participation & quizzes-did well on) but passed the lab component). I plan on retaking the course and trying to do better and hopefully getting an A as well. Calculus and Cell bio are going well tho. I was wondering if there’s still a chance, I wish I knew what I wanted earlier soo my gpa and my chance of getting into medical school wasn’t impacted. I was also wondering if obtaining a 3.5-4.0 gpa during 3rd/4th year would be enough along with EC’s to get in to medical school (especially in Canada). Should I consider doing a retaking courses i did bad in or do a master’s program? Also, how does doing a masters affect my application/gpa? I’m also currently doing virtual shadowing. Any advice would be much appreciated!!
  9. Im doing biomedical sciences at York and I didn't do great during my first two years. Got a GPA of 2.7 in first year. Second year, first semester, I wasn't able to focus, sad all the time for no reason, i was lost and I withdrew from organic chemistry (also withdrew a course in first year), I'm doing bad in calculus (planning on dropping the course prior to the deadline and still attending classes so i can do better next time), I dropped two other courses; one by early september and the other by November. I plan on changing my second semester of 2nd year, i even looked at how to study effectively and i intend on working hard and doing well. Also, I have done extracurriculars, did coop in high school at a dental office, volunteered at my own school for events, at the recreation centre and at a senior's home for a few years and still am from time to time. (Does my volunteer experience need to include more clinical/hospital?) Overall, I would like to attend medical school (can be international as well) and I'm wondering if its still possible or should i do a master's degree in my program (offered at Guelph) which is only one year and apply?
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