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  1. Dear Mr Grisham, Thank you for your detailed answer! I was born in Quebec so I don't have any problem with having the residency. I am also fluent in French. I read that we had to either take the NAC OSCE (sorry for the lack of translation!) or MCCQE (http://www.cmq.org/page/en/reconnaissance-equivalence-diplome.aspx). Do we have to take both? And does the rank university one graduates from is taken into account when applying for a residency placement? I know that Imperial is one of the top universities for medicine and I was wondering if this could open doors for me. Is there a quota for IMGs? Why is it so difficult to get a placement? Also, would it be easier to move to Canada once I have completed my postgraduate studies and have chosen a speciality? Are some specialities more easily 'exportable'? Thank you again for your help Kind regards, Morganne
  2. Hi, I am doing the 6 years MBBS program at Imperial college London. I wish to do my residency training in Canada, preferably Quebec. I read that in order to be eligible to the CARMS matching program, my diploma needs to be recognized by, at least, one of the provinces. To do so, I'll have to pass the MCCQE part I and II or the ECOS and the MCCQ part I. Does this guarantee a place in a residency program in Canada? It also seems that I can only take the MCCQE part II after getting my diploma and completed one year of postgraduate clinical training (so it's no longer possible to do my residency in Canada??). To save time, is it best to take the ECOS? All advice are welcome!! Best, Morganne
  3. Hi, I am practicing for Casper and I was wondering if there were any online tutors (other than Astroff, BeMo and all the big ones) who could check my answers and give me feedback? It could be former medical students or something like that... Thanks for the help!
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