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  1. Timestamp: 9:50 AM EST Interview: No GPA: 3.5 (If I calculated correctly) Context: Grew up in rural area (First Nations reserve), completed high school and undergraduate degree in Northern Ontario, worked in 3 Northern communities ECs: Master’s degree, some volunteering and charity work, some sports and hobbies, a lot of experience with working with Indigenous populations, and I’m also status First Nations Non-trad?: Yes, 33 years old # of previous applications: 0 Interview Location/Date/Time: N/A Congratulations to everyone who received an interview! I’ll be re-applying for 2021 admissions
  2. Hi Ali-oop, I did not get invited for an interview unfortunately. I'll be re-applying this July though. I hope your news was more prosperous than mine. At least I can stop biting my fingernails, they were starting to look pretty horrific Good luck to you both!
  3. No problem. Yeah, I don't have any inside info unfortunately, but I do feel like it will be next week. Probably mid-week like you said (Tues, Wed, Thurs). Suspense is right!!!
  4. Hello Ali-oop, On the NOSM website it says that invitations for 2020 will go out from "mid-January to mid-February." When I asked the Recruitment Officer a few months back, I was told that, "Interview invites are usually sent out in January via email." When I checked previous invite dates on the other premed 101 forums, I saw that last year, they were sent out on Thursday January 10th. In 2018, they were sent out on Wednesday January 10th. In 2017, they were sent out on Monday January 23. So I'm thinking tomorrow at the earliest and mid-February at the latest. I get a feeling they'll be sent out this month though since that seems to be what they aim for. I feel as though they probably give themselves until mid-February as a buffer just in case there are delays, they have extra time. Hope that helps, and good luck!
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