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  1. Has anyone called or emailed and asked when we should be finding out? The last couple of years they all found out the first couple of days of June.
  2. To get an interview, they already checked your GPA. After the interview, admission is based solely on the MMI.
  3. It says 1-2 business days after the deadline to accept the interview we should receive an email!
  4. Hey, looking at the average for last years incoming class you have a really high chance of getting an interview even being an out of the province student
  5. Thats true plus with the personal profile being gone. Fingers crossed tho
  6. In past years I heard if you are above a 75% combined average you have a high shot to get an interview
  7. What is your guys' combined core average if you don't mind me asking!? Mine is 77.2
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