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  1. Looking back at the last couple of years I think they should come out next week but that could be delayed because of covid.
  2. Did anyone hear back from Anjela? I know they’re probably super busy right now so I don’t want to be a pain by asking right now.
  3. Hey thanks for all your input! For the physiology/anatomy class do you basically relearn everything you were taught in PHYSL 210/212/214 or is it new info? I was also wondering how clinically applicable the classes you have in first year are?
  4. Yeah I’m done uploading everything. On their website it says that you can upload a scanned image or a PDF or a word document so I think scanning it would probably be your best bet!
  5. I scanned mine but I don’t think it matters as long as everything is visible. What documents are you uploading other than the consultation form?
  6. Thanks for your input! This is a little unrelated but how are you finding the program so far? Are the program and the people more communal and supportive than in science?
  7. I believe it’s closer to the 2nd method although no one knows how they actually weigh the different components.
  8. I wrote my ECs as an essay so that I could talk about them a bit more in depth but I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to do lol.
  9. Prereqs: all A/A+ except for english and micro. 2 year GPA: TBD but looking like it will probably be around 3.88. Best 30 credits: TBD but hopefully 3.91 or higher. ECs and work experience: working as a pharmacy assistant in a Community pharmacy after having volunteered there for 6 months. 1.5 years volunteering at hospital as patient visitor. Had a month long shadowing experience in Europe. Will be doing research this summer as well.
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