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  1. No need to refer to any specific posts or names in this topic. Good luck to both: the ones who were invited (in their interview) and the ones who received a regret (in their other/future applications.) However, some published statistics raise a concern about McMaster admission process. The following are four examples I selected to make my point, two invited and two rejected: GPA / CARS / Result: 3.91 / 131 / Rejected 4.00 / 130 / Rejected 3.59 / 127 / Invited 3.18 / 126 / Invited McMaster says they have a formulae (we all know of) for invitation to interview; to me (although not a mathematician), even if the ones who were rejected have ZERO on their CASPer, and those who were invited have FULL mark on their CASPer plus a MS or PhD degree, the outcome would be different than the above; this is regardless of pool averages or calculation method (z score or other). I might be wrong somewhere, or there might be something I am missing or do not understand. If so, please correct me. The only way to clear any doubts applicants might have is to publish CASPer scores (at least in statistics released annually). Until then, the argument made by 'criticalthinker' remains valid to me, and the response by 'vigovirgo' to that argument lacks substantiation. By the way, I have been invited, with average stats, but I feel with those who were not. I repeat good luck to all.
  2. Hi, Any idea when MD invites/regrets might come out at Mac?
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