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  1. Well here’s to hoping that the OOP applicants are lucky enough to get offers in their home province and that can open up some more spots for the IPs. Really odd that we haven’t had any posts of waitlisters receiving offers. The number of offers released each round could be really low already.
  2. It’s great that we have built such a supportive community on this thread. I really hope we start hearing some good news this week.
  3. Im in the exact same position, except I’ve been accepted to a master’s program. My timeline has been June 15th. I looked at some previous waitlist threads and the last posts are made in mid june. Hopefully we can hear some good news until then.
  4. I hope I don’t scare anyone with this post but did anyone hear anything today? Or are we waiting for June 1st?
  5. OMG!!! Congrats! Your offer definitely gives us hope!
  6. I opened the letter in Adobe acrobat reader and then selected “file” then “properties” and I saw the time it was created and the name.
  7. Thanks acacna. I can begin. My document title was 11-130 and was created on 5/6/2020 at 3:47:xx PM. I hope we can figure something out with this.
  8. Same here! I pretty much check the forum every hours to see if anyone got any news. Im thinking the waitlist won’t start moving until the 25th at the earliest.
  9. I know its only been a few days but this wait seems so long. What is everyone doing to keep busy these days?
  10. Do you think it would be fair to use the U of C number and assume the waitlist is 100+ applicants and they might go through about 50% of the waitlist?
  11. Honestly Im just going off of what is of AFMC about 50-60 people defer and decline their offers. If U of A doesn't send more initial offers than there are seats then we can hope that we have at least 50 waitlisters get offers. Let's wait until the first week of June and see what happens. But we all know that the wait is going to be very difficult.
  12. Oh good eye, I didn't even notice that! I sent it to the address on the website because I copied the address for previous transcript. But Im really not sure.
  13. Same here! But I feel like any real movement will take at at least a week.
  14. Im in the exact same boat as you. Hopefully it works out for both of us!
  15. I know that being waitlisted is filled with uncertainty. So I wanted to make this thread for us to connect and to post any offers and movements of the waitlist.
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