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  1. is there anyone who has applied to UofT pharmacy too? If so, if you get accepted to both UofT and Waterloo, which uni would you choose and why.
  2. To those who got offers, when do you need to accept the offer by?
  3. Does UBC send out rejections before or after the interview to those who still have not received an interview invitation?
  4. I think this is saying they will get back to you after the deadline. So you should expect to get another email around the 14th. Also, is there any OOPs that got an interview invitation?
  5. did they say anything about what format the interview is going to take in the email?
  6. Did anyone's transcript status still not get updated? I sent mine in early January and it still doesn't show up as received...
  7. sorry about the confusion. So they sent me another email saying that the form is under way. They are making a few adjustments and we should expect to receive it in about 2 weeks.
  8. Did anybody receive the Residency Declaration Form? I sent an email to UBC asking about it and they said I should've received it but I did not receive any emails about it.
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