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  1. I got into ualberta as an in province applicant. sGPA: 3.91/4.0, 4.0~4.1/4.3(cant remember the exact number). I think I did average on the casper, not satisfied with my performance but not terrible either. If I get an invite, I will turn it down immediately. Good luck to you.
  2. Got waitlisted at dal PT as OOP applicant, I will turn down invite even if I get in since already accepted to my first choice. So good luck to anyone waiting for or are on the wait-list of Dal.
  3. Its almost 4 pm at NS, I think this is probably it for this week. Good luck to us OOP applicants next week I guess. Congrats to everyone that got accepted today.
  4. Accepted into UofA PT Edmonton campus, congrats to everyone that got an offer, see you guys there
  5. Have anyone emailed UofA PT and asked how much the casper score will weight in the admission decision?
  6. I wonder if anyone have asked uofA or Dal for their own casper scores, did they tell you? thanks
  7. I wonder if anyone have an update from uofa on how much the casper is going to weight in the admission score. I have emailed them one and half weeks ago, they didnt have anything back then, wonder if there is an update. thanks
  8. wonder if we will get a chance to retake the casper for ualberta if we have already taken one earlier for another school
  9. Heads up, PT MMI invitation for university of Alberta should be going out now, just received mine couple minutes ago.
  10. Hi, I recently decided to apply to PT at university of Alberta and Dalhousie university. My PT experience is not very strong, only satisfying the minimum requirement of 30 hour and 40 hour at the 2 school, my sGPA is 3.87/4.0 for ualberta and 3.96/4.3 for Dalhousie (I am an in Provence student for ualberta, but OOP student for Dal) .The factor that worries me the most is interview, since English is not my first language, but I have been living in Canada and speaking English for 10 years now. Assuming that I perform slightly below average on the interview (if I can get one), with little experience and a normal GPA what are my chances for admission. Thanks.
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