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  1. Yeah. Find that weird too. What's the difference ? My guess is the school doesn't want to be liable ? Idk but it is what it is I guess I hope the gym will be open get fit af this year LOL
  2. I just don't know what to do. I feel dumb paying rent for nothing but then I'm like what if I need it for something.... I just dont know why they insisted we stay on campus ? Am I missing something ?
  3. I can provide a more detailed breakdown later but TLDR - yes everything virtual for at least first semester. Most likely also second Apparently possibility of doing observerships although I'm shocked this is some sort of selling point for first year first semester med school
  4. That's the annoying part. If they had never said hey we HIGHLY recommend you to be on campus i wouldnt have a problem with this decision. I dont even care it's online, I'm disappointed they made us sign leases for no reason
  5. Only 4000 for the entire year??? Or just one semester? Cuz I'm looking at 12k+ for the year
  6. Anybody else feel super lied to by the school? They emailed saying we should stay on campus and now they told us everything is online ? ... I feel so .. weid .. EDIT: can we think of some positives?
  7. Hope you dont mind I add one more question: Is a fellowship or more necessary for a good job ?
  8. I have been in the OR before but in a very demanding specialty that I will never do. Would be cool to see others though.... probably wouldnt do it first year I think. I think I didn't get anything from it because I didnt even know what the instruments were or what the procedure is. It's just standing and looking at a screen idk
  9. I would probably try things in a process of elimination. Like for example rheumatology. No clue what they do on a daily basis. But what if it's actually really cool??!
  10. Yeah that's true. I am one of those people that has no idea what to do so :/
  11. Hoping to hear from some upper year students I'm suspecting it's more of a "some med students are doing it so I should be doing it" than actually it being useful For example say I shadow an ENT doc in the OR and clinic. Not for 1% of the time will I know what is going on . How can I tell if it's something I'm interested ?
  12. Are they recommended or necessary? Seems like there is a lot of fuss around planning these among first year med students. I honestly cant see the use of doing them in first year since I dont know anything about anything medicine related. Should I think about "booking" some ?
  13. I am genuinely surprised that you have never seen/heard of people being discriminated based on their skin. I'm not a visible minority but I have seen it happen countless times. I can only imagine how dehumanizing it feels. Of course being poor sucks - it's another layer of difficulty. Now add being discriminated because you aren't white and you are also poor. These people are living much more difficult lives than I can ever imagine (even though I am not rich). We need doctors that can serve underrepresented populations
  14. It's ethically the right thing to do but not a good look for collegiality
  15. royal college is 15k in 5th year of residency XD Probably 20k by the time we get there
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