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  1. I've heard some people in the past were able to get infinite momentum. Has anybody been able to this year ?
  2. Hoping for OOP to decline initial offers but I doubt there will be even 5 .. bc they'd lose the 1k deposit
  3. Might also explain why some people that got unspecified received Windsor even though london was preferred. Unless I'm at the bottom of the rank (last 5-6) of of the 175 (I think).
  4. Congrats!!! Thank about this. What is the end point? Literally nothing (maybe retirement if that's something you look forward to). You will be a doctor all your life!!! like another person said - it's a rounding error.
  5. Isn't it very unlikely to allow observerships if we aren't allowed on campus? Personally if things were normal I would've gotten a 1 bedroom by myself but now thinking of renting a house with roomates to reduce costs since we may not be there full time. Just an idea
  6. Same question... I'd rather commute if we only have 1 or 2 days in person
  7. Anybody know if classes will be online or mixed ? At both campuses?
  8. I guess there are people that have not paid their deposit yet. Maybe they are on other waitlists out of province ? Idk..
  9. So are the chances of being switched to London small at this point ?
  10. same for me. Do we now hope that some people that accepted London change their minds?
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