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  1. Hey bud, I don't have the time to argue with you. I am assuming you are a Mac Student and as such you are defending your alma mater, which is fair. Critical thinkers out there can see my points. This serves as my last response and I will just write bullet points: (its not comprehensive because I have to study) - MCAT is a relatively good predictor of USMLE performance (Gauer et al. 2016 Medical Education Online) - Using casper for selecting interviewees is not holistic, how can they learn about someone's difficult personal journey without an essay or an other considerations??? - Saying casper is good because MMI is good lacks any logic. (both exams have similar biases) - In my opinion medicine is losing its focus from having very competent highly knowledgable individuals to only focusing on behavioural factors. (Behavioural factors are just as important but not more important.) If my mom needs surgery I dont want a very nice surgeon who did an art major, did not take any science courses in undergrad, and did mediocre in medical school, albeit he/she has perfect people skills. I rather the doctor be both highly knowledgable and socially competent but if I had to choose I would choose knowledgable any day over an individuals who does good in CAsper and MMIs because they are social extroverts with great people skills and a good command on language. - (FYI you can get full scholarships at top US schools not necessary have to pay 400,000) Sorry i wrote it already
  2. I do not want to bash anyone, I was stating facts. Do you think saying McMaster is 77th and among the top100 medical schools in the world bashing? I don't thinks so. The point is I am concerned for my friends who have been rejected by this school, whom I know are outstanding scholars, great communicators, phenomenal scientists, and kind human beings. I wrote my post to ignite some critical thinking and discussion on the topic. In addition, you have not addressed any of my points. You are giving examples of people who go to medical school in Australia. I like it how people say rankings don't matter and research output doesn't matter! lol. Times Higher Education and US world News ranking are prestigious ranking groups and residency directors of top specialities in Top 10 universities pay close attention to these rankings when they are selecting their students. Research output is a sign of how many research opportunities will be available for students! Yes I think people who have 4.0 gpas and 520 mcats are entitled to interviews, especially in schools that do not look at any extracurricular and research activity of applicant. Let me reverse the question on you: are you saying people with low MCATs and GPAs with good casper tests deserve to get an interview, when more qualified applicants are not? How is that meritocracy? Also in our class most students who are academically very strong think of PBL/GBL as useless for education but good for fun and hanging out with your friends and colleagues. So I am gonna give this to you, PBL/GBL are really good at that! Going back to my points: - Financial Conflicts of Interests (there seems to be a consensus on this topic) - Design of the exams are unfair to certain populations - Extracurricular and research activities are not considered - By paying money to Prep companies you can improve your scores on SJTs (contrary to the claims of the SJTs)
  3. As a current MD student, at a top 5 university, I found it absurd that candidates of such high caliber (and many of my close friends, with 4.0 GPAs and MCATs in 515-520s) are not offered interviews (at a school that is ranked 77th in Times Higher Education's). What makes this selection process more mind-boggling is that only one segment of the MCAT and a situational judgment tests (that is argued to be biased against certain demographics: Jerant A. et al. 2015 Academic Medicine ) have such a huge impact on chances of being offered an interview. My thoughts are: 1- MCAT is a comprehensive standardized exam! Why not include other MCAT sections? (Shouldn't a medical school applicant have a solid understanding of biology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, sociology, and psychology???) 2- As an immigrant, a person of lower socioeconomic background, and someone who english isn't his/her first language, CARS, Casper, and MMI, create Herculean barriers for people like me to overcome. 3- McMaster associated company (ALTUS Assessments Inc) are making a lot of money from these test and most of the pro-research on this topic is born from McMaster studies. This basically displays a financial conflict of interest in the admission process for McMaster university. 4- Unlike what is said, it is highly possible to prepare for MMI and Casper by spending a lot of money, time, and going to prep companies. 5- Why are people's extracurricular activities, research, and awards not considered at MAC? Please don't be rude and attack my post! I have been factual. I hope that my post acts as a primer in the minds of the applicant community and hopefully future physicians. P.S. Congrats to qualified applicants who are offered interviews! I wish you the best.
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