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  1. Oh geez.. I had a question where I did the equivalent of "only gave pros and not cons," but it's only because the interviewer stopped me halfway through my answer since we were short on time
  2. It's probably a combination of both the school itself and the location! All of my GTA-raised pre-med friends' first choice is UofT, and 50% of my non-GTA friends' first choice is still UofT.
  3. I'm finding it difficult to resist the urge to rewatch my videos right now and pick apart my own answers lol
  4. I agree it's about how you write them. My ECs are weak if you just look at the title and # of hours, so I didn't get any interviews at schools that focus on ABS. However I did better for schools that had essay components because I was able to talk about what I learned. I can't say for sure that's why I got interviews at certain schools and not others, but people who read my apps mostly agreed that my ABS was weak but essays were strong.
  5. How come it's this many? Online interview is only two dates, so isn't it just 1/3 of all the interviews?
  6. I don't think we need to wear it... My name tag isn't even wearable lol, it's just a piece of paper
  7. this is a dumb question but why do they recommend video to be between 360 and 480 MB? I get that the file can't be too big but what if it's smaller...? mine is only around 250 MB
  8. Either way, it's not great. If it's 15 minutes after your recording then people will definitely cheat when recording their answers. If it's 15 minutes starting from as soon as you accessed the questions then I'll be very worried about my wifi.
  9. I hope they can standardize the scores somehow... I feel like the standard deviation will be tiny compared to in-person interviews. A pre-recorded online interview is much harder to screw up, but it's also much much harder for candidates to stand out in a good way.
  10. I really hope UofT does this. I find it so much harder to showcase yourself and stand out when you're interviewing in front of a webcam. I can't imagine having to compete w the people who had in-person interviews...
  11. I still didn't... I know it's probably cuz they have their hands full with everything, but a part of me is paranoid I didn't rsvp or upload my photo correctly lol
  12. I'm worried about other schools following suit, particularly schools that have already conducted some interviews (like UofT).
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