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  1. Has anyones OT application on McMasters Portal just disappeared all of a sudden (im an accepted applicant)?
  2. Hey guys, I am just wondering if anyone knows if Mac OT students wear scrubs while on placements?
  3. Rejected from UFT, really disappointing I thought I would at least make it to the CAP stage
  4. Hello everyone! Can someone please share how long you have to answer during McMaster's OT MMI? Also, how long do you think your answer should be? I have heard that 2ish minutes is a good target but I thought that you had 8 minutes for your response during an MMI? Thanks!
  5. I am wondering the same thing! I don't think there would be any disadvantages of doing an online interview over the in-person (in terms of admissions committee favoring one over the other). So maybe going with which ever option is more comfortable for you is a good idea?
  6. For those who applied to OT at UFT, do you know if leaving your contact information on your resume negatively effects your chances? I just realized that I uploaded the wrong version of my resume on ORPAS and obviously cant change this now.
  7. Its visible under "document tracking" on ORPAS, you should see a GPA section with a chart of all the grades used for sGPA.
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