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  1. I think they must have thought you were applying for the next cycle because that is the requirement for Class of 2025
  2. I got an email the day after the acceptance email stating that because I completed the pre-reqs, it's not conditional upon completing coursework.. Although it doesn't state anything about the GPA maintenance so I assume that would still apply
  3. Take a look at the replies to this thread They have changed their admission procedures so perhaps since it's now on a rolling basis you could get a response after the first cycle of interviews!
  4. Yes you are correct, I stated that it WAS the requirements hence whatever else that wasn't was added this year. Just got an invite a few hours ago as well. IP GPA: 82 AA: 23 PAT: 23 Felt like I didn't do too well on casper but I guess it turned out okay.
  5. It was purely academic based, so it was GPA, DAT and CASPER (no personal statement, extracurriculars etc)
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