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  1. anyone yet seen a lesser-spotted rejected applicant ?
  2. Agreed. So will the person who got rejected please step forward.
  3. I just can't accept the reasoning for their choice .. that they looked into the technology and couldn't find anything to provide a solution? Then supported this decision with more nonsense. The reality is either that they received very poor technical advice or that the admissions team have hoodie-syndrome , it's a bit like white-coat syndrome except with a geek in a hoodie. Seriously, the technology to hold multiple interviews is most definitely available, and reliable, and should have been used, Applicants could even have had the interview on their phone if necessary.
  4. if you look at the party from last year some people got off after a few days ..some were right up to June -or later. Also am getting a little sceptical about the reject silence ? is it coz no-one threw a party for them? I asked Wendy to clarify whether a similar % of applicants were outright rejected and I got back a note stating that they can't release waitlist figures ..which wasn't the question. Not that I blame Wendy in the slightest ..if I had her job right now I;d be hiding under my desk.
  5. They haven't kept any of the other past practices, so .... enuf torture please
  6. Well yes it does ..very insightful.But how does that bode for these students who then have to complete the first part of this course online?
  7. In previous WLparties there were immediate posts from rejected applicants. The FAQ email says that some applicants were rejected but it looks like they are expecting a fair amount of rejection too so upped the waitlist substantially. The reasons quoted for the lottery system were unconvincing: Fears of technical issues by introducing a virtual process on short notice. ( please join the 21stC) Ensuring all applicants have internet access. ( seriously? even the cave dwelling trolls have internet) Most of the interviewers are busy working with public health during the pandemic.(hmm UoT et al didn't have this issue) The lottery reduces potential bias and will select the most diverse group.( If bias is a concern then why have interviews in the first place)
  8. To my understanding, the 318 offers are a culmination of what is sent between initial offers and all waitlist offers. In past threads some people have said that Mac over accepts to start ( guessing 240 sent out today?), meaning we can expect a lot of waitlist movement (~80 if historical data is representative). No idea how many people got rejected, idk if I'd be hopping on back here if I got a lottery rejection, think I'd waiting a bit ..and previous years showed a lot of rejections eventually
  9. There's usually a big movement after the deadline , but some lucky ones get an offer before then
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