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  1. Hi all, I know this has been covered in good detail elsewhere, but occasionally in too much detail (with visa questions sprinkled in) and I'm having a tough time distilling all the information. M4 here in Canada, just signed up to write the USMLE Step 2 CK, with the sole goal of having doors open for US fellowships after a residency in a surgical specialty. I never wrote Step 1. I haven't done anything standardized since the MCAT, really, and we didn't have Shelf Exams for each clerkship rotation at my Pass/Fail program. I have a few questions I am hoping others more knowledgeable than me can shed some light on: 1. I will be studying for LMCC Part 1 at the same time and scheduled to write both exams within a week of each other - with a total of 3 months to prep for both - is this too ambitious? 2. I have purchased a subscription to uworld - are there any other resources that people would suggest? 3. People say I should just aim to pass. Has anybody heard differently, where for competitive US fellowships, a low pass on the Step 2 CK score of a Canadian resident could actually be detrimental? Would be infinitely grateful for perspectives
  2. Hello all, I'm sorry for asking this question, but I can't seem to really wrap my head around the nuts & bolts of submitting the rank order list I have watched all the Carms Online videos, and I know you're supposed to rank according to your true personal preference, but I'm still curious about the following: Is there ever, at all, in any circumstance any situation where you would be better off ranking a school 1st, which was in actuality your 2nd choice? (e.g. based on the stated preferences of the other candidates, if you knew that nobody would likely rank that specific program 1st?)
  3. Thanks! Just seemed to be a small number of people making the final decision. Though I guess others would have been involved in the screening / interview invite process.
  4. Does anybody have any sense of what a "one-on-one/one-on-two" interview is? Is it exactly as it sounds; literally just the interviewee and one staff... like the PD for the whole interview? One school I'm interviewing at has this format and I'm really not sure what to expect.
  5. Hi there; how important is the PD liking you in terms of choosing the final candidates? Do they get the ultimate say / veto in terms of resident selection? I am particularly asking re: small competitive specialties with only several residents per year. I didn't make a meaningful impression on the PD at my top choice (not a bad impression, just not memorable at all), but was very well-liked by staff and residents, and got a super strong letter from one of the top docs in the program. Can the PD - if they really love a candidate - pretty much just go ahead and insist they get picked?
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