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  1. Hey! I'm planning on applying to UCC, and debating whether its worth it or not to apply to Trinity as well. I have a 3.94 GPA and decently strong ECs. I only really want to go to Ireland if I get into the 4-year program, but I'm nervous about narrowing my options. I'm also applying to Canadian dental schools (and had an interview at UofT this past year) and feel as though I have a pretty good chance, so I'm not sure if I should bother applying to Trinity. Only issue with UCC is that I haven't taken anatomy specifically, but apparently if you've taken a combination of other courses it can count for anatomy? Has anyone gotten into the 4-year program without the exact prerequisites? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Still in need of help! Any suggestions would be really appreciated
  3. Does anyone know of any good schools to take organic chem online at? I was planning to take it at Ryerson Chang in the fall but they just cancelled the course. Are there other good continuing education schools I should look at? I know Athabasca offers orgo online, but they usually have in person labs in Edmonton and I'm not sure what the plan is with that for the rest of the year (emailed and haven't heard back). I've graduated from my home university, so I'm not sure what my best option is.
  4. Hey everyone! Does anyone know if western will be changing their requirement of an in-class lab for organic chem? Due to covid, I’m worried that I won’t be able to take it in class in time and am hoping to take it online through Queen’s over the summer. Thanks!
  5. Rejected 22 AA 21 PAT 3.96 GPA Thought the interview went well too? So confused
  6. Good luck guys!! And just remember - no matter what happens we've all worked incredibly hard and should be proud of how far we've come.
  7. I think someone called last week and they said the 28th
  8. https://www.dentistry.utoronto.ca/node/1116 A few weeks ago it only said "as shown by their academic achievement and DAT scores," but it looks like they updated it!
  9. I'm pretty sure they only looked at GPA/DAT scores for interview invites, and the rest is only looked at for those they interviewed. That's the impression I got from reading UofT's website.
  10. I was told during my interview that we would find out on the 28th!
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