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  1. Western does not require reference letters per se, but it does require you to have verifiers who can confirm your involvement in different activities that you have done during your undergraduate career.
  2. My police department suspended police record checks during Covid-19 indefinitely since March I'm not sure what to do!
  3. Hey guys, quick question lool. Did anyone do the police check yet? And if so what website did you use!
  4. Hey guys is anyone having trouble getting immunizations LOL? I'm having trouble being able to contact my family doctor and setting up in person appointments.
  5. If there isn't any movement now, does that mean its barely going to move during the summer? When does most movement happen?
  6. Does anyone know anyone who wrote the challenge exam before? Is it super hard or relatively straight forward?
  7. I wish it would be end of April so they can give students more time to study
  8. What did it say before as opposed to now? I didn't see a difference. Didn't someone post that they emailed admissions and they said there will be no delay?
  9. I wonder if they will schedule the Exam before May? I feel like that might be short notice considering a lot of students have finals during that time... I hope they cancel it honestly LOL. Any chances of that happening???
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