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  1. I got my acceptance letter yesterday too !! For anyone who's curious about my stats : I'm in province student at University of Alberta. Excluding 2020 winter term, my gpa was pGPA: 3.87 cGPA: 3.7 last year and 3.9 this year I got all A/A+ for cell bio, biochem, micrb, physl. Extracurriculars: Not much. 2 months of volunteering as a tutor and no clubs. I wrote my working experiences but they were not related to healthcare at all. LOI: Pretty decent. I wrote about real world pharmacy issues as someone who got admitted suggested in this forum. For extracurricular section of LOI, I wrote about interesting hobbies and related it to my personality. I tried to come up with something that were not too common. Interview: I did mine on May 31st. I don't know if doing an interview early is an advantage cuz I left mine until last minute lol. The interview was not awful, but I think it didn't go that well. For one of 4 questions, I totally blanked out and mumbled for a bit. Other questions were just okay. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys in fall term! Congrats to who got accepted. I wish you guys the best of luck if you are still waiting.
  2. The spoken english requirement was on my checklist. I asked the office of the registar if they needed my transcripts and they said yes. In the drop down menu, there was a selection for high school transcript.
  3. Have anyone handed in their Spoken English Requirement but it hasn't been updated on the launchpad? I handed mine in over a month ago but it's still not updated. I have sent a couple of emails to office of register and they just said the file is with the faculty and any updates will be posted on launchpad.
  4. Does anyone know where to find letter of intent form for 2020? I could only find form for 2019
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