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  1. Thanks! I received the invite yesterday, sorry for the confusion! Updated my post.
  2. TIME STAMP: Jan 14 at 2:01PM Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): MD, Feb 9 Result: Invite! Very humbled to receive an invite - actually cried when I saw the email! cGPA/wGPA: ~3.99 wGPA MCAT: Above cut-offs ECs: Diverse but likely below average compared to others who post on here. Essays: I put a couple weeks of thought into my essays but only spent 2 days writing. Felt that they really reflected who I am and what I am passionate about. Year: Finishing up MSc Geography: Ontario
  3. I'm also interested in online practice/discussing potential interview questions with someone. If anyone is specifically looking to prep for the UofT MPI please personal message me!
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