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  1. Has anyone that's submitted their confirmation of admission form received an email back confirming that everything is complete? I sent my stuff in yesterday and there may be a backlog from the long weekend but thought I would check if others heard back today.
  2. Yeah, regrets. It turned out my mail server was blocking the email but on Queen's end it appeared that I had received it.
  3. You actually just have to keep calling. But when I finally got through around 4:15 pm, the admin person told me to follow-up by email afterwards if required as she won't be answering the phones any longer today. :/
  4. Have you been able to get through? The number goes straight to voicemail.
  5. I also haven't heard back. Could this mean a waitlist? In previous years, I believe waitlisted interviewees were also initially rejected but this year things could be different :/
  6. ^this comment right here shows why GPA/MCAT/Casper don't tell you shit about a how good of a candidate for med someone is. Good luck on your interview bud.
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