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  1. I received my unofficial offer on May 1st and official offer on May 14th! and yes it is to the QY OT
  2. For those that got accepted into McGill OT/PT, do you guys know when the deadline is to submit our official transcript and proof of graduation from our institution? The acceptance letter didn't give a specific date on when we need to complete that by but I'm assuming around end of July? Let me know if anyone knows! Thank you
  3. I got a letter from McGill the first day of May. They said we have until the 15th to either accept or decline the offer. So i think they are waiting until the 15th to maybe send out more acceptance letters (this is just a thought!)
  4. My last name starts with a P.. so more like in the middle-ish I would say
  5. I received my acceptance as well into the OT program at McGill at 11 AM
  6. Oh okay!! Can you let me know if they do? I've been stressing so much for this and I don't know that many people that applied to McGill so i wasn't able to get much information ahaha
  7. Did anyone try applying to McGill PT/OT? If so, did anyone hear back?
  8. Hey all, Did anyone apply to PT/OT at McGIll (in Montreal)? Just wondering when we are expected to receive rejection/acceptance letters
  9. Did anyone try applying to McGill OT/PT? Do you know when they usually get back to you if you've been accepted or rejected?
  10. Hello all, I was just curious if anyone is applying into OT McGill? How competitive is it? I read that the class avg for 2019 admission into OT was 3.51... I'm very worried my GPA won't be high enough (it's a 3.43 now).. Does anyone know someone that got into McGill with an avg GPA? Thanks in advance!!
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