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  1. I would contact them if I were you, someone on here said they had made a mistake with their application last year but I think for another university. Good luck
  2. Me too my laptop charger stopped working, I had 3% battery charge when I realized this and I had to continue the test on another computer with a keyboard I wasn’t used to. Result=complete nightmare. I hope my Casper test won’t disqualify me before my application is even viewed. Still no change in status here.
  3. I’m sorry I don’t think I have an answer but is it two separate degrees or a double major/ double honour program?
  4. I don’t think the official transcript will have graduation status confirmed because that will only be available when they review my courses. But I just remembered that the deadline to complete your program is by July 2020 for McGill. So maybe give that I have more than 45 credits done and in principle I have until July to complete the program, they will count my second bachelors and wait for a confirmation of program completion?
  5. I’ve applied in the past, but I was refused pre-screening because it was the first year the Casper requirement came out and I hadn’t done it in time. But I was also a student at McGill in the past. Maybe that’s why although it seems a bit weird because why ask again if they already have it on file?
  6. Were you taking courses in the fall? Maybe they left our files to the end to review them with all the grades? I hope it’s not because they were rejected pre-interview screening :’(
  7. Hello, I completed my course requirements for my bachelors in Dec 2019, but when I called my university they said the graduation status will be confirmed by June 2020 if we graduated in the fall! So my question: how will the admissions know that I’ve completed my program without them going through all the program required courses? Asking because this is not my first bachelors but I want this one to count for admissions. Thank you!
  8. Hi everyone, On the application document status on Minerva, is it normal that all it says is “upload new version”. The interview invites are coming out soon and I read someone on this forum had seen an update along the lines of “immigration status confirmed”. Does that mean that my file hasn’t been viewed yet? Or is it normal that the status of the documents doesn’t change? Thank you!
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