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  1. Last year they postponed it by a couple days (can't remember exactly how many) to Jan 28th I believe, but they did update it on their website to reflect the new date.
  2. Are you IP or OOP?
  3. Really? That's what RD replied to my email this morning. Hope it wasn't just a brush off.
  4. Have you applied in the past? if so, they said they wont verify it again. They have everything they need.
  5. Good news for anyone still waiting for IP status, I emailed them again today and they said if you have applied in the past and your documentation had been verified, they have everything they need and they won't enter QVCF again!
  6. No. I graduated in June before the cycle began
  7. Same here. But if it helps, I did very poorly on Casper last year according to the ranking I received and still got my IP confirmation in November. I am almost pretty certain I did better this time.
  8. My IP status hasn't been verified either. Last year I got the confirmation in November. I called the admission office and they said some applications are still in process, but at this point I am worried my application has already been rejected during pre-interview screening... but who knows.
  9. Is anyone else still waiting for verification of IP status? At this point I am worried it means my application was rejected during pre-interview screening...
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