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  1. Right, I thought this too! It does seem like most ppl are moving though from what I’ve heard so I guess it’s up to us to make that social experience happen .. I really hope it’s not completely compromised bc of this
  2. I’d be fine to drive up for observerships and even stay the night at a hotel if needed but I’m more concerned about missing out on the social aspect if I’m not there all the time. I’ve heard the experience is all about the people u meet so that part is concerning to me and super sad! regarding the school telling us to move, I feel like they probably didn’t know 100% what was gonna happen and were likely planning for more in person content but couldn’t get that approved maybe
  3. are you guys thinking of subletting your leases? im so unsure of what to do bc i have an opportunity to cancel my lease, but i really want to still be able to bond with the class. i can drive up whenever though so idk if thats gonna be an issue.
  4. now that schools have mostly revealed their plans, which med schools are completely virtual and which ones have some sort of in person component? Out of sheer curiosity! For western, we are 100% online in 1st year other than observerships lol and we found that out today
  5. Hi Sara, while this is a very broad thing and depends highly on the individual and what works for them, i can share with you a few tips that helped me raise my gpa significantly after my first two years and helped me get into two ontario schools this year (for reference, i had a GPA < 3.5 in first and second year and raised that to a 3.95+ in 3rd,4th, and 5th year). I started consolidating the material of each course much more systematically. I would give myself at least a week to study for each midterm or final, and make sure that i incorporated numerous methods to study for the course especially if it was highly dense. For example, for a pharm midterm i'd relisten to the lectures after each lecture throughout the semester and take notes on what i missed (i use notability and love it), then i would take typed up notes of the lecture material before the test, and later make condensed written notes on topics i was unsure of to focus on those sheets, and id make cue cards (before i knew anki was a thing) and that would be super helpful as well. sometimes id print my typed notes at a faded colour so that i would physically write in the answers, like fill in the blank style, to encourage me to be actively learning. I would do this for every test in my 3rd year because I was so worried about ruining that year as well, and it worked really well for me. In my 4th and 5th years, I studied much less intensely and didnt make one cue card because I gained the confidence in myself at that point after 3rd year, so it really does depend a lot on your mindset as well. Another thing that worked for me was making sure i was being healthy. In my 1st and 2nd years i studied harder and not smarter and would pull all nighters, but aside from a few late nights in 3rd+ year, I slept at a normal time and had time for social/EC things and working out which was huge for me too. I think thats important and it IS possible if you manage your time well. I think you are capable of bringing up your GPA, but you have to find what works for you! hope this helped at least a bit also, you may wanna consider taking a 5th year to bring up your gpa, i applied after my fourth year and got in luckily but i was planning for the high probability that my gpa wouldnt be high enough and then applying after my 5th year would do the trick with 3 solid years of high gpa.
  6. my mcat was at (not above) cutoffs for 2/3 of the sections this year and I still got in... but my gpa was 3.95 so maybe that took precedence over it? it’s hard to know unless u are on the admissions team I think. for example most people told me not to apply to Ottawa this year bc my wGPA was a 3.86 (They avg around 3.95) and I got in lol so it’s always worth trying I think! Make your essays stand out and give it a shot
  7. hi, just to clarify, and somebody may have already replied to this comment (I’m making my way through this thread), but it is simply untrue that Black Canadians do not face systemic racism. I’d recommend you read “the skin we’re in” by Desmond Cole to learn more as a starting point. It seems there’s a very present sense of complacency that follows many Canadians who like to point the finger at America but never take a sec to look at their own implicit biases and contributions to upholding the systems that hold back and judge marginalized groups daily (this forum is a prime example of that)
  8. @CHG @yobologna thank you both so much for the replies, you’re both SO helpful!! I really hope we get more info about it soon but honestly I totally get how insane this situation is and it’s hard to plan w so much uncertainty
  9. Idk If this is a weird q but would we be required to move to London/Windsor for the fall term if the majority of classes/small group learning is held online? Even if they allow us to do the more hands on learning components once or twice a week in person, would they tell us if we had to move or if we could drive up for those events if that’s possible for us? I understand this isn’t possible tho for OOPs and those who live super far away. Ugh this is all so confusing!
  10. Same with me! Earlier today it said “Schulich Sc of Med and Dent” and now just says unspecified again
  11. I know this is a long shot but I got assigned Windsor campus today from unspecified and have really extenuating personal circumstances that makes being far from the gta really hard for me, so if there is anyone on here who wants to switch at all, please let me know w a pm! If I didn’t have these circumstances, I would totally love Windsor it seems like a lovely and close community anyways plz lmk!!
  12. I’m from toronto but go to western right now and have been in London for 5 years! If I were offered toronto, or even lucky enough to get an interview there, I would have chosen toronto for the city and supportive surroundings, along with the great opportunities that comes with being in such a large urban centre. London is not a bad city at all despite what people say but I must say that it took me a good 3 years to really find the spots in the city that I actually liked, and have eventually grown to love it! Never really found food spots that I enjoy but I’ve become a better cook and save money that way haha. Toronto is an amazing place and is extremely diverse, there’s something for everyone there and I would have loved to go to UofT ultimately. either way, there are going to be especially competitive people in both programs but the friends I have who go to UofT have found their “people” and formed a community with those who share their interests/values and really love it there. You have a tough choice though because aside from the major difference in city vibes, both are incredible schools (I’m going to schulich) and have so much to offer! good luck
  13. i really dont know how it works completely but im assuming western gives more than 171 offers on may12.. so theres probably a proportion of unspecified and specified offers given for both windsor and london campuses. once all the declines have been processed (around may 25), then the unspecified people can be sorted into their respective slots based on preferred campus. then again, im really unsure of how it works haha i wish they gave more info on it
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