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  1. can't believe we got the 2nd worst bag colour in TEN YEARS hasn't 2020 shit on us enough already????
  2. thank you both!! that is great to hear as i have always been heavily considering medical genetics (although also would definitely be interested in peds or ob/gyn).
  3. i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but i was curious which (if any) medical specialties would incorporate embryology as this was one of my favourite things to study.
  4. i know mcmaster is fully online & western is partially in person, but i was curious about the other ontario schools.
  5. this!!! i also want to note something i was told by a mentor when preparing for interviews: ultimately, ontario med schools want to select applicants who will best serve the population in ontario. that's why NOSM primarily accepts candidates from the north, for example - because we need more physicians who are willing to work in northern & rural areas. is it "fair" to ontario applicants from big cities that we have no chance of getting accepted to NOSM? not necessarily. similarly, certain races/ethnicities are underrepresented in the current pool of ontario physicians. there's been a lot of research showing that cultural divides between patient & provider can and does lead to lower quality healthcare. i think that, as a province, we are striving for health equity for all members of our diverse population - and as such, it is beneficial for the population as a whole to have more diverse healthcare providers. it may not feel "fair" to us, but that's not the purpose of the med school selection process.
  6. i'm gonna keep holding on to this sliver of hope until today is over lol
  7. lmao queen's was always my top choice but... ur also correct
  8. @CHG i just wanted to say thank you so much for how helpful you’ve been on this forum! it’s truly appreciated
  9. i'm hoping tomorrow! for the past 3 years it's been the equivalent of tomorrow
  10. thank you i hope my gut comes to a decision lol. best of luck to you as well on the waitlist!!
  11. i was thinking the same thing and i already tried that too they said they couldn't give me more info tho honestly i hate the system so much - it's almost structured to screw you over at every step.
  12. thank you!! for western i believe they won’t send offers until after the 26th but queen’s might send them on the 26th! to get western i’d have to let go of my mac offer and i don’t know if i should do that yet :/
  13. hoping they'll start sending waitlist offers on may 26th!!!!!!
  14. haha yep! i apparently spend too much time on here.
  15. there's a million other threads to post this on (and that's what you've been doing anyway lmao). can we please keep this thread positive?
  16. i've asked someone who attends mac med, but if they don't know then i might email mac! let me know if you find out!
  17. yeah it seems like queen's often starts sending offers 14 days after the initial offer date! i guess you and i are both holding out for queen's till the 26th? :p
  18. according to the offer form: Please complete and return this form to the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University MD Admissions, by email to: drochn@mcmaster.ca by May 26, 2020 (or by offer expiry date). i would think this means we can accept the offer on the 26th - i'm personally wondering if it's due at 11:59pm or another time of day.
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