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    meiosis reacted to MedicineLCS in Applying through the black student application program   
    You're using American data to try and make an argument about BSAP, and data that is 4 years old using the old MCAT at that? This isn't at all relevant to your original argument (posted in a thread about the UofT, a Canadian medical school's BSAP program) that:
    Try again with Canadian statistics. We all know America is an entirely different ballpark. It's also impossible to prove that race didn't play a factor, because that's not how logic works, it's essentially impossible to rule out a negative in this kind of discussion. Besides, you're strawmaning, I never argued that race wasn't a factor, I pointed out that your original line of thought (quoted above) is unsupported and almost assuredly wrong, and I don't really want someone to chance upon this thread and believe that statement, which could reinforce racist ideas about black physicians/medical students or wrong views of the admissions process. Even if BSAP did increase the share of black matriculants you'd need to account for context (GPAs, total representation in the pool, competitiveness changes year to year) and that it's perfectly possible implicit bias (which BSAP helps alleviate) played a role prior to that time so any increase from BSAP is merely correcting a wrong (as intended) as opposed to stacking the deck (what you seem to be suggesting). Take your earlier attempt at trying to prove BSAP inflated numbers: 
    Once you do an age adjustment (which is necessary when the black Canadian population is significantly younger, 8.2% of that population is 20-24, or 8.2% of 1,198,540=98K, 20-24 is conveniently also a class size in the CMES report, which states that in 2016 there were roughly 514 applications per 100K in that age group, the countrywide acceptance rate was about 18% (lower in Ontario) so that means, if the black 20-24 Canadian population is equally likely to apply, and be accepted, 93 black Canadians should be accepted every year, coast to coast.
    This makes it hard to believe your original argument that BSAP was/is artificially inflating the accepted numbers. In fact, with a class size of 259, and 24 BSAP matriculants, you get an acceptance rate of... 9.2%, very close to the same as the population representation of black Canadians in the age group (~5%) that is most common in first year Medical students. So, it appears that BSAP has lead to a staggering increase of the number of black medical students to... 12% higher than their population's share in the overall Canadian population, at only the UofT, which really isn't significant since it's a small sample size and I'd imagine the proportion of black Canadians is higher in Ontario than the national average. No "inflation of acceptance" at all, more like "ending of deflation to more accurately match the province's demographics". This is of course assuming that black Canadians are equally likely to apply, if they were less likely that would increase the % a bit, but even if this was the case it doesn't prove your original point, and it would even hurt your original argument since having significantly less black Canadians applying than their overall share in the population raises interesting "Why?" questions that programs like BSAP can address. 
    In any case, I'm done with this "discussion". My attempt to ask you to support your positions with objective, Canadian, data has failed and I see no point in feeding the fire. I think anyone reading this from beginning to end can see that there is no objective statistical data supporting the idea that being black with an above-average GPA is a straight ticket to med school and the truth is, even with programs to alleviate biases and racism, the proportion of BSAP students is basically the same (or lower in past years) than the overall proportion of black Canadians aged 20-24 in the Canadian population, which should raise some uncomfortable questions as to why, even with BSAP, this is the case.  
    EDIT: Math error. 
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    meiosis reacted to unarmed walrus in All QuARMS spots are now reserved for Black and Indigenous applicants   
    Replace "race/identity" with "wealth/privilege", and you've got how people have always viewed QuARMS up to this point.
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    meiosis reacted to TheStern in Applying through the black student application program   
    I think that some pre-meds are so focused on getting in, that they look at things through the lens of "is this fair to me as an applicant?", which is understandable. But the admissions committees have to consider more than just fairness for the applicants - they are deciding who become the physicians in our communities. That's a tremendously important task. The lack of black and Indigenous physicians in our society is an issue that needs to be addressed so that different demographics can feel represented by the medical community and be properly advocated for.
    Does this put students who cannot apply through these streams at a disadvantage? Maybe, depending on whether you think the "advantage" of these streams outweighs the disadvantages that certain minorities face throughout other aspects of the process. But creating a more equitable healthcare system is in the greater interest of our society more so than having as fair an admissions process as possible, in my opinion. Even though some people going through the admissions process could be negatively affected, and that is a legitimate concern for a pre-med who is grinding their butt off to get in
    For the record, I was just admitted this cycle and would have had the same response a few months ago
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    meiosis reacted to FingersCrossedPls in Applying through the black student application program   
    Have you ever considered that maybe this year there were some stellar black, biracial, or mixed race applicants who crushed their interviews, have amazing GPAs, and a great CV? This smells a lot like the “well if I’m white and I can’t do it then certainly someone of colour can’t do it,” trope that we see far too often in any competitive professional or academic setting. Seriously yesandno, every thing you are saying sounds very rooted in jealousy. I know you said earlier that I’m policing your thoughts and speech (which I would never because we need to defund the police but that’s besides the point )and I am really sorry that I made you feel that way since you are more than free to speak your mind; but consider how someone with a different experience may interpret everything you have been saying. I don’t think you’re ill-intended but this is not the way to go about it. More opportunity for other people does not mean less for you. 
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    meiosis reacted to FingersCrossedPls in Applying through the black student application program   
    “Move on, seriously.” — Spoken from a true place of privilege. Imagine being able to move on from decades of having your identity questioned. If we as BIPOC don’t call out racism and microagressions when we see them, then no one else will. That is why I always come after comments like these.  
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    meiosis reacted to yesandno in Applying through the black student application program   
    I don’t understand why people deny that being black or indigenous with an above-average GPA is a straight ticket to med school. The objective statistics data overwhelmingly support this.
    Besides, many cheer when med schools implement ‘equity’ measures to help disadvantaged. But at the same time, the same people keep denying that race is a huge positive factor in the admission process. You can’t play both ways. You want equity measures, then own it, agree that your race is what got you accepted. 
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    meiosis reacted to Hellothere77 in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Maybe don't go on a thread about the bag colour if you're that bitter. This thread is specifically to get excited or talk shit about the bag colour. Do you think med students should never be allowed to complain about anything or be negative ever because there are people who didn't get in? Jeez
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    meiosis reacted to xiphoid in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Hey @LittleFrog - I understand that it can be frustrating seeing posts and threads from people who have been fortunate enough to get to where you're hoping and trying really really hard to get to. Medical school admissions is a tough process for most people, and we know that we're in a privileged position. With that being said, I don't think it's fair to insinuate that incoming (and current) medical students have no right to [lightheartedly] complain. There is a reason that there are different sections on premed101, targeted towards different demographics, and it would similarly be completely out of line for current med students with a lot of debt and no income to say residents and staff have no right to complain about salary and compensation because at least they're getting paid for example. Good luck with the upcoming cycle!
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    meiosis reacted to dooogs in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    You know everybody is just joking right? Im sure 99% of people are truly grateful  - it's just stuff to talk about while we wait for med to start
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    meiosis reacted to Birdy in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Clusters of 2015 matriculants were called grapes because of our purple bags. You guys get to be busy bees!
    I think it’s nice. I’d have been happy with it. 
    The colour is a dandelion yellow. Nice and rich. Dandelions thrive on any surface in any conditions no matter what you do to them. Maybe you guys can be like them. 
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    meiosis got a reaction from gniyonna in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    can't believe we got the 2nd worst bag colour in TEN YEARS
    hasn't 2020 shit on us enough already????
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    meiosis got a reaction from teeezyyy in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    can't believe we got the 2nd worst bag colour in TEN YEARS
    hasn't 2020 shit on us enough already????
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    meiosis reacted to Anon1 in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Oh we're looking on the bright side alright...
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    meiosis got a reaction from coffeeandmed in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    can't believe we got the 2nd worst bag colour in TEN YEARS
    hasn't 2020 shit on us enough already????
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    meiosis reacted to teeezyyy in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Looking at this makes me extra sad because I personally love every years backpack color except for ours
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    meiosis reacted to keiko88 in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    Well, we’ll all be staying home this year regardless! 
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    meiosis reacted to teeezyyy in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    I’m actually devastated NOOOOOOO
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    meiosis reacted to Aryanenzo in MD Class of 2024 bag colour   
    We're going to look like little bees on campus
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    meiosis reacted to TheFlyGuy in which schools will be online in the fall?   
    With optional in-person activities though! I’m actually kinda surprised UofT is even offering a decent chunk of things (limited attendance lectures & anatomy) in person while provinces that are clearly doing better covid-wise are fully online.
    But regardless hopefully we’re all able to get back to in person asap; experiencing med with our classmates is an irreplaceable part of the experience  
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    meiosis reacted to IMislove in Rejected as 3rd year Undergrad   
    Yeah medicine never goes to plan, this pandemic is just one of many many examples. Don't beat yourself up about it, you'll get in when you're meant to, or maybe you'll find something more fulfilling. I got in 5 years later than planned lol, but the experiences I've had changed me to be a better medical student, a better person, and in the future, a better doctor. You got an interview and that's amazing. Just keep up the good work, practice your interviewing skills, and good luck on next cycle.
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    meiosis reacted to Psych in which schools will be online in the fall?   
    Ottawa is officially hybrid! Some online, some in-person
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    meiosis got a reaction from indefatigable in specialty that involves embryology?   
    thank you both!! that is great to hear as i have always been heavily considering medical genetics (although also would definitely be interested in peds or ob/gyn).
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    meiosis reacted to ihsh in Medical Genetics after Internal Medicine?   
    I learned that it's possible to become a medical geneticist by doing a 3-year Canadian College of Medical Geneticists (CCMG) fellowship after 3 years of internal medicine training. Other than the additional year of training, this path seems to provide more flexibility than the 5-year medical genetics program (you can still choose other internal med subspecialties) and someone who follows this path ends up having more qualifications.
    I was wondering if there are significant barriers to entry to the 3-year fellowship, and whether there are additional pros/cons of each route. 
    Thank you!
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    meiosis reacted to Rorzo in Medical Genetics   
    If you don't end up finding a resident, I had an excellent elective with Dr. Murray Potter at Mac who was more than happy to go over all of those logistical things while I was with him. From what I can recall the job market was pretty bad, and even when you find a job you're likely to be running a lab and doing a lot of QI instead of what most people imagine with medical genetics. 
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    meiosis reacted to asthecrowflies in Obgyn Lifestyle   
    Med student matched to OB/GYN for whatever that's worth.
    Lots of good things I agree with said above. 
    Since you didn't mention surgery I thought I'd say just be aware that OB/GYN is very much a surgical subspecialty, and much of residency is focused on time spent obtaining surgical skills, completing the principles of surgery course and exam, etc.
    In obstetrics--operative vaginal deliveries, C-sections, complex obstetrical repairs
    In gyne--laparoscopic, vaginal, and open surgery, with a trend towards more technological minimally-invasive options
    As a staff though you do spend relatively more time in clinic as a generalist. 
    If you are primarily interested in clinic, deliveries, and office gyne procedures it's worthwhile to consider family medicine + a women's health year. (not looking down on this option, and of course being a family doctor doing deliveries there's another set of challenges in terms of managing time and practice) 
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