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  1. Has anyone been able to create a password yet?
  2. Just got the email confirming registration!
  3. Are you a returning UofO student or incoming MS1?
  4. Try out this link for an estimate: https://www.apple.com/ca/trade-in/
  5. I'm currently in a summer course, and my transcript probably won't have that grade by June 30... not sure what to do. Still waiting on admissions office to respond btw
  6. Diane got back to me, no need to mail/courier.
  7. Thanks for the thorough response. The way I understood this requirement is that you must complete three years of full-time studies (which I have). I don't believe it explicitly means I need a degree... Anyways I guess I'll wait to see what admissions says.
  8. Gonna start off by saying I've already emailed admissions to discuss this, but since they haven't responded yet I'd like to ask you folks as well. So I'm 3rd year UG and thought I could graduate with a general degree, but due to some misinformation I am missing 0.5 credits which I plan to complete over the summer. This option would not allow me to graduate until November. So does UofO care whether or not I have an UG degree before acceptance?
  9. Thanks for the response glad to hear we’re on the same boat. Isn’t that TBD in reference to the BLS renewal though. It seems like the deadline stands for the full course for the first time we have to do it.
  10. To successfully register into the UofO program it says we need to complete a BLS course with the heart and stroke foundation. However, after I registered for the BLS course they emailed me saying all courses are cancelled because of corona virus. Anybody know what we’re supposed to do?
  11. Result: Accepted - English Timestamp: 6:52 AM cGPA: 4.00 CASPer: thought it went well, decent typing speed and felt that the practice test gave me a good idea of what to expect. ECs: the usual volunteering at hospitals/clinics, research, volunteering abroad, started fitness club at local high school, president of a society on campus, waiter, intramurals, and some other more unique things Interview: felt that I answered everything decently then blacked out right when I walked out of the room lol. The panel was very nice, one interviewer was really throwing me off though. Year: 3rd year Geography: IP
  12. Honestly could be that our Rs were "lost in the mail" lol... I cant imagine them giving less than a week's notice for interviews. If they do, well that's very dumb
  13. Yea I feel you, I can't help but think the same thing. I just feel like the longer this goes on the harder it's gonna be when I catch the R. Unless...
  14. I wonder if there is any reason for holding off on us so long. At this point I'd just like the closure of knowing what's going on, I'm getting tired of saying "there's still Toronto, just gotta wait and see"
  15. I haven’t heard anything either... not sure what’s up
  16. Does anyone know if the acceptance is based solely on the interview score, or do they review the entire application as well?
  17. Just got off the phone with admissions office. March 28/29 is not full yet. The rest of the emails should come out by the end of this week, and maybe into mid next week.
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