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  1. Merci beaucoup pour la presicion. Je me disais bien qu'il manquait quelques chose!!
  2. Bonjour je viens de faire ma demande d'admission a UdeS. mais je ne vois nul part ou je peux choisir que je veux être considéré comme profil particulier. quelqu'un peut il m'éclairer svp. merci
  3. I am still wondering. Same degree for admission. Same everything (cv, ...etc). Only the Casper changed (even with a bad Casper. It still does not make sense since the weight would be very low)
  4. Hi Just received mine. Last year 2019/2020 cycle: 27 out of 835 at prescreening (I messed up my interviews, I know) (Academic you ranked:16 On the non‐academic portion,you ranked CASPer 399 CV:101) This year 2020/2020 cycle: 830 out of 1035 at prescreening. does that make sense? I applied based on second degree (maybe they didn't take it in consideration?. I don't know. what do you think? Cheers
  5. update: I've just received a answer for my request of reconsideration. my ranking went from 27th last year to not even invited this year (which means a 10 fold change or more). they say that no error has been made. which means 2 things, either the clerks who are managing these requests don't care about this. or there is a major change in the assessment process that we are not aware of (most likely Casper test). good luck guy. I am tired of applying. good luck guys. I will be still answering for the next couple of weeks. so feel free to ask me
  6. Hi, I have just noticed that as well. this wouldn't make sense though. it says "Based on the Academic Evaluation or CASPer". but why keep the chart below saying that it count for 20% only (look at the pie chart). I think it might be just a typo. (it happens more often than we think). it also wouldn't make sense to evaluate a person on the Casper only (since he/she is going through the MMI as well which is pretty much a Casper test without the a keyboard). I think somebody might have messed up something. also the OOP pool seems oddly larger than usual (600 -700). this time it's 922. and the average GPA is usually high for the OOP pool but this time it's 3.82. also I have neved received a verification email for my QC and My Minerva show no QC verification slot like last year. though I must say that I have seen than my rejection email says that I am in the Quebec Pool (also minerva says Admit Type: Quebec Univ (incl. McGill) so who knows? what frustrate me is that people are taking us seriously when requesting a reconsideration. I ranked 27th last year pre-interview. what happened? the applicant became supers competitive all of the sudden, so much competitive than I dropped by 280 .... it just doesn't make sense for me. ( I have submitted the exact same documents as last year. part from updating my grades and adding a publication to my CV).
  7. I will email them. Because i ranked well last year. I will probably just attached the ranking they sent. Since nothing has changed in my life (literally sent the same application with only 1 scientific publication added to it). My ranking should stay fairly the same. But i have never been asked to proof my residency status which was weird
  8. TIME STAMP: 10h00 Result: Reject cGPA: Feeling about Casper: no idea ECs: ranked around 100 in cv last year round Year: 1st year, Masters, IP/OOP/International: IP (though I think they made a mistake on this cause i never got a verification email like in 2019 cycle) Letter of EC: No Comments (Optional): ranked 27 out 819 last year . So i am kinda confused. Is it possible they made a mistake?
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