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  1. In terms of site selection, if you put "either, with preference to Montreal" and are waitlisted, does anyone know if a spot opens at Outaouais first, but the person one position behind them on the wait list put "either with preference to Outaouais" how it would work? From what I understand they do admit off the waitlist in small batches, so lets say there are 5 students who decline by the initial deadline, they offer 5 spots off the wait list at the same time, and I would assume they would take into account all 5 of the waitlisted the student's choices, depending on where the spots opened of course, but then would this differ later in the summer when the list shifts by just one spot on occasion? Does anyone know if applicants are issued a waitlist position for each campus respectively?
  2. Listen I'd be thrilled with that but you have to keep in mind we don't know about deferrals (I can't imagine there are 12 from last year, though). Additionally, they said that they aim to attribute between 2-5 seats to the RSPP Pathway (who are also QC University applicants). There are also up to 6 positions for First Nations & Inuit residents of QC (these are shared by the four QC faculties (I'm not sure if they are supernumerary or not). Finally, we don't know if all 70-72 Med-Ps are being promoted (the actual number of Med-Ps admitted in Fall 2019 is inconsistent), which could potentially add seats for QC Uni applicants too.
  3. So this link https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/md-roq-u still says 76, but they mentioned at the interviews that they are negotiating with the Government to try to allocate approx. 4-10 additional spots given the new campus. From what I understand, for the time being there are roughly 72 spots in Montreal and 4 in Outaouais. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  4. Hey guys so it seems they updated the form to read "106" instead of "152", it was just a typo
  5. So I’m pretty sure it’s a typo. What they did was 156-4 = 152 instead of 156-50 = 106 In my opinion this is the only explanation that makes sense. Thoughts? @DrNan @md-2200 @ms2017
  6. @Anna95 Listen I don't work in admissions but in my opinion the biggest thing for your CV isn't so much so what you are doing (but you should obviously have a background with a number of work experiences, extra-curricular and volunteer initiatives), but how you explain it in the "description/reason for inclusion" area and what you learned from it. It's basically a chance to write yourself a cover letter but in mini segments relating to each of the activities you are involved in. People talk about having a "theme" to your CV such as a variety of experiences with seniors, for example showing that you enjoy working with the elderly. In terms of coming from McGill, they do not advertise that you get a bonus for this, but obviously it is only the admissions committee that would know the truth. Personally I don't think they give preferential treatment to the school you come from. They say on their website that "academic context", which is worth 7% is based off (a) of the progression of difficulty of coursework, (b) post-bachelor's academics and (c) the recognition of professional degree programs (i.e.: programs that lead to the practice of a profession for which one must be a member of a professional order). Just so you know this last line is directly from their site: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/prospective/selection-process/academic-evaluation Hope this helps!
  7. I do remember reading that something like 12-20 of the 24 spots in Gatineau will go to Med-P but that 4 to 12 QC University students will join them and it won't strictly be Med-P. I guess this is again within the approximate number of 76?
  8. I definitely think you have a chance. I would say that because your GPA is on the lower end you would have to make up for this with a strong Casper and CV but it is definitely do-able. You can also improve your academic context score by enrolling in a masters next Fall when you are applying. This year I know a number of students, including myself who have been offered an interview in the 3.70 to 3.79 range. Good luck!
  9. Thanks @amt6500 for the details. Just out of curiousity does that mean that the new campus hasn't actually added more spots, but there will be just a smaller cohort at the Montreal campus? Also, do you know if the approximate number of 76 for QC University would include the 2 to 5 seats for the RSPPers? (See link: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/rural-and-small-populations-pathway-rspp) I think it's safe to assume yes, so technically there are approximately 71-74 seats for QC University applicants who are not part of the RSPP group?
  10. GPA is 63% of the formula. The other 7% is academic context. A lower GPA might get a high score for academic context if it is from an extremely difficult program for example or maybe a professional program. If a student is pursuing a masters or PhD this might also give them a boost in terms of academic context. On the other hand a 3.90 in a program they deem to be of lower caliber (or maybe with extremely high class averages?) might have a lower academic context score. I think the truth is that if you have a 3.90+ you don't have to do as well on the Casper to be given an interview but you still need to have a decent enough score. If you have a lower GPA then you have to make up for it with the non-academic factors. There was one person who mentioned they were "waitlisted for interview" with a lower GPA, however this person mentioned they have been in the military for 7 years and worked as a nurse for 3 and submitted an extenuating circumstances form, which could have affected the cGPA they applied with. Other than this specific case I have not seen an actual invite from anyone below 3.70 this year, on this forum at least.
  11. Does anyone know how many spots there will be this year (2020) for "IP" or QC University. It seems like last year there were 84 spots + 3 for NTP totalling 87. I heard that the reason there were so many was because a number of Med-Ps dropped or were simply not promoted. This year there is also the RSPP pathway, does anyone know how many spots this group has? This link states that the anticipated number of spots for Fall 2020 is approximately 76: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/md-roq-u However there is the new Campus Outaouais this year with 24 spots (I believe the majority of which are going to the Med-P category), however this link states that the student body will total 96 undergraduates (does anyone know who they are referring to here?): https://www.mcgill.ca/ugme/mdcm-curriculum-joint-programs/our-two-campuses/campus-outaouais/welcome
  12. They're going to email you tonight or tomorrow @Actto and there will be a link to fill in a form for them to send your ranking, which will likely only actually be sent to you by email in mid-June. You shouldn't say the result was expected! Anything is possible with 3.70 and up provided you do well enough on the Casper and have a strong enough CV. Good luck in the future!
  13. TIME STAMP: 11:44 Result: INVITE!!! wGPA: mid 3.7s (there is hope for all of you) ECs: Strong, was ranked relatively high last year Casper: Super unpredictable honestly Year: UG Completed in 2019, began Masters this fall IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: Nope
  14. You've been offered an interview! Scroll down to see the date and time. You should be getting an email this evening. Congratulations!
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