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  1. That's good advice Good luck to everyone who's on the waitlist, I hope it moves quickly!
  2. me... pls give me the big R so i can move on with my life :/
  3. TIME STAMP: N/A, checked Minerva Result: Refused (RIP) wGPA: How does wGPA work? cGPA is 3.98 but had to add in international bacc marks for some of those science prerequisites (sadly, had a 6 for the chemistry component) MCAT: 518, but don't remember if I submitted it or not (Believe it was 129/126/132/131) ECs: Pretty average, some research (NSERC, honours, other misc lab experience), exec in a few clubs, some misc work experience + volunteering Casper: No idea, thought it could have gone better but ended up with interviews for Mac and Ottawa Year: 4th year UG in an Honours life sci program, graduating at the end of this semester IP/OOP/International: OOP Letter of EC: No I know OOP is always competitive but hoped my GPA might pull through... can't always have it all though! Good luck to everyone who's interviewing, have fun and kill it! ❤
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