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  1. Yes that is what I'm referring to. I personally used surgery (wich was also in peds), U-FMG, emergency and also emergency as CPNP/CEPI (not as a student).
  2. Not necessarily shadowing, i meant research, it is my fault. This is only from what I've seen from posts on the forum. I agree that less people have clinical experience, but a lot have research. I myself come from nursing (BSc) so in my CV, specific internships are included in my work experience (even if not paid because you're doing the same job as a nurse - while i understand not as much work). It helped me land an interview last cycle before covid. I made sure to really show all the canmeds possible to show what i learned and what could help me in medicine! Nursing is great because of all the clinical experience you easily get. It is also a professional degree which gives you a little boost in the academic context portion (7% of the 70% for Academic).
  3. I think any type of EC is perfectly ok. To be honest, what they are there for is to show that you have a passion about something and that you can tell them what it can help you with in the field of medicine. For example, you are in a debate team, well it will definitely help with critical thinking under pressure and communication. You can find the canmeds competency on Google to help you include the right keywords to put in the text to draw attention to your application. The number of EC in the CV will depend on their importance for your application. I would say write everything on the CV, go over the limit of 2 pages and then go over everything and cut the least important everytime until you fit in the two pages. This will insure that you have the right number of EC and of everything else also. It doesn't matter if you write 3 lines of text or 8. As long as all the information is important for your application and to show canmeds competency I personally think it's ok. I know I have multiple lines of text per entry. Also, while they are not Extracurricular activities per say, any research experience or clinical experience you can have (such as shadowing if you don't have any clinical experience from your job or internship from a university degree) will be a big plus because a lot of people have them. This is just my two cents.
  4. Hey, I know, personally, I planned on redoing them at Dawson. They offer bio, but i think it's only summer and winter evening classes as continuing education (for bio specifically). I just don't know if the changes to the prereq process (recently announced) are forever of only for next cycle because of covid. So I'll wait on that. Also, if the prereq count post-interview (as in did before covid) then your goal is to be competitive with the total GPA of the 7 classes. A competitive GPA would be 3.7+ but the higher the better since a lot of applicants have 3.9-4.0 prereqs. Before last year you would have to retake them every 8 years as they would expire. This was removed last year, prereqs don't have expiry dates anymore. The only deciding factor for redoing them are the grades you have and if the changes from this year are permanance or no (they will count the interview as 100%). Hope this helps!
  5. The cGPA for my 2nd UG is 3.800/4.000 after 2 years (3.846/4.300 at UdeM). But it's a professional degree (nursing) and also honorous program with some (3) master level classes so that helps the academic context (10% of the 70% for cGPA)
  6. It was my first time applying and I knew too late about the process so I didn't know that they looked at prereq unfortunately. But I'll check at the results to see if it's only that that dragged me down too much. IF it's that it's an easy fix, it just takes time and dedication. Good luck to you!!
  7. TIME STAMP: 9:25 AM Result: Refused - Limited space available Pre-req GPA: 3.1 (LOL) I know I need to redo some pre-req MCAT: N/A Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): I thought it was pretty good, but i knew with that prereq I needed to score really high Year: last year of my 2nd UG (nursing) IP/OOP/International: IP Comments: I'm sad because even though i didn't have a good prereq, i thought it was maybe possible to get in. Do they say limited space to everyone refused or is it something i can be happy about? Like does it mean i was close to the waitlist or am I just trying to comfort myself?
  8. If i'm refused I'll ask for my rankings (you can only ask them when refused form what i understand). It will show you how high it's possible to rank. If i get in it's because the MMI went well and i would have ranked high (probably top 30 i guess) since I have a low prereqGPA (3.1 or 3.2) and from what i've seen in past treads, a 3.1 or 3.2 prereqGPA tends to lower your rank by 50-60 spots. Obviously It's different from year to year, it's just a general rule. If they accept the first 75 (generally the number of people accepted) then i would need about a top 30 to get in the 75 people without waitlist. And from what i've seen, in the past years, the waitlist IP University moves by around 20 spots in average (15-30). Now let's keep in mind this is just a rough approximation to give an idea, it would mean i could technically score around top 40-50 in MMI (so top 20 waitlist) and still get in but by the waitlist. But again, this is varying so much from year to year, someone told me in the past a 51 MMI (with 3.2 prereqGPA) resulted in top 40 waitlist which was too high. All this to say, if I can't provide rankings because i'm in or on the waitlist then this happened and it can still give you an idea. See you on the 25th of march with, hopefully, good results!
  9. I don't know if your professional will count or not since it's not your degree for basis of admission but it's possible they'll still count it? I can't tell you the book here because it's not permitted, but go on Amazon et look for casper (and mmi interview) books there are plenty! (Mine's blue and orange). I don't necessarily recommend mine or any of them in particular. But i bought it because i had never written the CASPer and i really didn't know what to expect. The book helped me in that sens, it made me on an equal playing field with others who had already done it! So i suggest any book. For the interview, same thing. Never done one so the book helped me know what to expect. Also this helped too: And this also: https://www.themedicportal.com/e-learning/interview/mmi-questions/ I hope it helps you! Good luck! And I'll tell you my interview results so you have a better idea. Just remember, if it's not this time, It'll be another year! Don't give up!
  10. I'm currently doing my 2nd UG in nursing (honor) with a GPA of 3.800/4.000 after 2 years and I'll have 2 reserch experiences only. Got waitlisted for interview this year (first time applying) and got a spot 2 days later. I had my interview a couple of days ago. I'd say your GPA, while below the average, is competitive. Working as a nurse will give you great clinical knowledge, make sure to show that in your CV with the canmeds framework competencies. ( https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/documents/canmeds/canmeds-full-framework-e.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwj0-JSDnvPnAhXnm-AKHesTBxIQFjABegQIBxAC&usg=AOvVaw3rTBi7SjGRL8nFyMZN-YNy ) In a way, your application looks like mine. I'd say prepare well for the CASPer (i personally bought a book) and make sure your CV is well explained with detailed explanation on what your experience gave you (using keywords in canmeds competencies). I think you have some serious chances for interview. After, it all depends on your MMI score and your PrereqGPA. But i've seen in the past treads of Premed101, even a low (3.1) PrereqGPA has chances with a strong MMI in the top 30 for example. Don't give up!!
  11. I had an email from the admissions office at 22:00 telling me i was invited (after being on the waitlist!). Then it gave a link to a page where it explains the interview process and the documentation to submit to Minerva
  12. Just got off of the waitlist!! My first med interview ever! I'll prepare as much as I can! Anyone has tips? I'm so excited i've been jumping around everywhere!
  13. TIME STAMP: N/A (Email at 22:07) Result: waitlisted for interview (first time applying) cGPA: 3.800 (3.846 at UdeM) MCAT: N/A ECs: lots of clinical experience in hospital, more to come, 1 research experience prior one more coming soon due to honor program. Volunteering at University and in a CHSLD (since 2014). Leading an environmental project. Probably need more to be honest. Year: (2nd UG) last year of BSc Nursing (Honor). Graduated BSc Biopharmaceutical Sciences (2017) CASPer: i felt good about it but i guess not enough for interview? Bought the Casper book to help. First time i ever did the casper, finished every question but not necessarily all in dept. IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: Not submitted
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