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  1. Oui exactement, je me suis dit que le forum est beaucoup trop calme s'ils avaient envoyé des convocations Je me demande s'ils vont tout de même envoyer un courriel à ceux qui passent a la deuxième étape. S'il y a eu des refus envoyé, ils devraient aussi envoyé des convocations... on verra!
  2. Quelqu'un a reçu une convocation? Je croyais que ca commencer hier, mais je ne vois pas de nouvelles...
  3. I know it's in a while, but I was wondering about the day offers are sent out. In the past, the email has come around 7am, but I read that someone checked OMSAS during the night and it was up. Does that mean it goes up midnight on OMSAS?
  4. They will test your bilingualism! I declared bilingualism, and spent about 5 min speaking in english (I applied to the francophone stream). Also, they didn't ask me when I registered if I was bilingual, so it looks like people are having different experiences.
  5. Hey! They actually make the process pretty relaxing. Plan to get there 30 min before, and then they'll be signs that tell you where to go - when you get there, you'll have to sign in and turn your phone in (you can do this right before your interview, but I turned mine in immediately so I didn't have to worry about it). They also have racks where you can put your coat. They'll be multiple tables where theres usually 2 MS4 students (one anglophone stream one, and another one from the francophone stream), and you can talk with them and the other students at the table. They'll tell you that 10-15 min before your interview, you have to go sit at another table with the people that are interviewing at the same time as you. Make sure to keep track of time, because I don't think they'll come find you to remind you - at least that's what happened with me. Finally, someone from the panel will come get you at the table and then you start your interview!
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that via rail has canceled all trains until further notice. Make sure to plan an alternative route if you were planning on getting to Ottawa with them!
  7. Check your "junk" or "promotion" part of your email, mine had gone to the promotion section for some reason.
  8. Hey there! I'm actually also leaving for Ottawa from Toronto - I'm gonna be taking the day train there, and staying with a friend the night before. I'd recommend you get a really good night sleep before the interview, because you'll be stressed and need to stay sharp - maybe you can rent an AirBnb. All the best!
  9. I read on another thread that they were out of office until the 27th. I replied to their email and didn't receive the interview package. I'm guessing they'll be sent out on Monday!
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