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  1. I've seen a girl who did that once!! She did have a PI supporting her though, she was presenting a poster and it took me a while before I finally understood that she was the patient. I found it pretty cool, especially since she had social anxiety and she described how she overcame that fear... and she was presenting with ease, which was amazing and was a good indicator of the effectiveness of her method. Why not, be wild, do it!!
  2. Just a suggestion, but maybe you should ask yourself why you have such trouble with authority and try to work on that? It seems a bit intense to me to choose a specialty based on that personality trait, which can definitely change / improve, and it might even not be so problematic in the end... and ultimately, no matter what, you'll become the one in charge, you'll be the doctor. What are your interests?
  3. B is NOT a bad grade. It's an average grade. It only means that, once in your life, you were average. It's totally fine & actually very normal! I got a couple of Bs during undergrad and still here I am. I did not justify myself and never thought that they would care about better it was my fault or not. I would have taken the blame if I was asked about it though. I wanna show that I am capable of accepting constructive criticism & improve, rather that be the person who always put the blame on external circumstances...
  4. What is a bad grade to you? Like, if it's a B-, it's nothing, don't worry about it. If it's a D, maybe it's worth an explanation? But seriously I would not worry for ONE bad grade, especially if you've always been consistent before. It's going to be fine. Don't unnecessarily bring attention to it.
  5. I personally don't think that waiting another year to review content will help that much... But it's up to you. Ultimately you really don't need to remember much, usually they teach you everything all over again to make sure everyone is on the same level. It's all going to come back real quick. I think the most important part is that you have to be mentally ready to put A LOT of efforts. If you're not, then you should wait. But that's probably the only preparation you really need. Good luck!
  6. You can always work in the pharmaceutical industry with a health sciences-related MSc and these are pretty good jobs!
  7. Yes there are in-person activities & everything is on the facebook group! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/296468464873839/)
  8. Si tu es plus à l'aise en français, et que tu appliques seulement au QC, pas besoin de faire celui en anglais!
  9. Email them!! They might give you answers if they can. It looks like they probably calculated a score based on these two metrics & then used a cut-off... And the Casper must have dragged you down Sorry for you, but good luck for the next cycle!! Don't give up!!
  10. I'd also like to know! Nothing on my side yet, and I hope it's not only based on the GPA
  11. Zoom is better than nothing! Four years is nothing. If your teachers liked you and you were a good student, they will remember you! I would also chose someone that used to know me well over someone that doesn't know me that much.
  12. Try to meet that prof & ask him/her in person. It reminds the person of who you are & you can also offer to help with the writing if they don't have much time. Needless to say, try to make a very good impression during that meeting. They know what it is though, remind yourself that all profs were once in your shoes and had to ask for references as well! Which is why they are usually chill about it. Good luck
  13. It's ok to ask about the nature of the student's contribution, but it's not ok to assume right away that he/she didn't do anything. But in both cases it shouldn't affect you letter if you're a good student and the supervisor likes you... everyone do mistakes. As long as you asked politely it should be fine, don't worry too much about it! I hope that helps!
  14. I feel I should get paid for all the advices I gave for free (I'm joking btw, I would never ask any money for that!) Funny story (not so funny though), I bought the B*Mo book to prepare for MMIs, and in it they say that their 40k$ program (you've read that right - but it's discounted at 18k right now, what a deal) doesn't advantage the wealthy people, and that the MMIs are causing more disparities than that. Lol. What a joke. Oh and they also try to make you believe that you can never be successful without it. I guess my advice is, don't buy that crap & don't give your money to these profiteers. You guys can achieve whatever you want without paying so much on such a scam. You can do it by yourself & with the help on kind and generous people on this forum that are all willing to help you for free!
  15. You can do a practice test on the website when you sign up! It's basically questions from the past few years so it gives you a really good idea of what it is.
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