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  1. I understand the original post was not informative enough to detail what we will be providing(spending stipend). Not alot of thought was put into it as it was something quick i had written up as we needed someone asap. We have filled the position through a different avenue.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. If you are interested in medical technology research, and have some prior research experience this may be something you're interested in. We are in the data analysis phase for a clinical trial of our medical device. The position involves being comfortable with excel and be comfortable doing simple statistical calculations. MOST IMPORTANTLY we are looking for someone who can start ASAP, moves quick and does have approx. 30-40 hr/week availability until mid to late February. We are aiming to submit a paper for publication for the aforementioned time range, and there is potential for your name to be included as an author. Message me if interested.
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