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  1. Hey guys, just confirming that for the FB group, I was not asked to show proof that I accepted my offer!! Still lots of time to go, hope for the best for all of you
  2. Absolutely! If anyone has any more questions, please feel free to ask! GPA: 3.89 Timestamp: 7:25:33 Stream: French
  3. Just got accepted!!! Timestamp theory is right!!! Hope you all get in!! Thanks for everything and you guys are geniuses for figuring out the timestamp thing
  4. How many people usually get off the waitlist (french stream) based on previous years? Thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys! French applicant so here are my stats: Stream (EN/FR): FR"Created" Time: 7:25:33 wGPA: 3.89 Is there a "bad" wait list for the french stream? Good luck everyone
  6. I went in person and talked to them because they would not reply to my emails or phone calls!
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