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  1. Do you guys know where on UCAN it shows that our deposit has been received?
  2. The LIM program is just for graduate studies are the UofC
  3. Result: ACCEPTED!! Geography: (OOP/IP) IP GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 512 (127 CARS) Degree : EC: 5+ years work/ volunteering in various roles with a NPO, multiple teaching roles, long term arts, immigration, and some other personal experiences. I really tried to focus on things that had a significant impact on my life in my top 10. This meant excluding many volunteering experiences, and instead including work experience that didn’t look as impressive, but meant so much to me.
  4. Anyone else feeling anxious today?
  5. Thanks for sharing this info! I was just wondering which website this is from?
  6. Do you guys know what the acceptance/ rejection looks like? Ex. if the offer letter is emailed or if they upload it on the application portal?
  7. The blog is back up and working now! Apparently there will be “significantly” less than 155 spots being offered this year
  8. Has everyone else’s application statuses changed? Mine just changed to “awaiting final admissions decision”
  9. Yeah it was just the video that the first years make that they usually show on the MMI day! They emailed it to all of the virtual MMI participants.
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