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  1. Can't really say from a UofT perspective, but I had a high school teacher who knew me really well and I had been involved with on a lot of school/community events as my "community" reference, and then my other two were my research PI and my immediate research supervisor (both are profs)- I got in to Western still!
  2. Plenty of people are willing to help, but it's far easier if you ask more specific questions! How we got in is a little too broad haha... Feel free to DM me with questions though and I'd be happy to answer!
  3. Assuming by third year applicant, you mean that you just finished second year and are starting third year? If so, your expected degree end date *should you be accepted into medicine* would be the end of the 2021 school year (and you would graduate in 2021 with a three year general degree instead of a four-year honours degree in 2022). So 2021-04 makes sense
  4. https://www.cma.ca/welcome-medicine it varies school by school, but they have a list here of how each school is getting theirs
  5. Honestly it's better than it looked in the original pic for golden yellow, but I wish the straps were more grey than black (more like the dark grey on the green bags)
  6. 1) we're gonna look like bumblebees 2) can't wait for all the traffic light pics with the second and third years LOL
  7. Barring the differences in privilege which is the obvious argument against including W2020 grades, another big concern in allowing students to at least choose whether to let admissions look at W2020 grades or not is that there are many schools that went entirely P/F. Their students literally don't have grades to show, or a choice- that was made for them. How do you fairly deal with that? In an ideal world, everyone writes an academic explanations essay for each school explaining the impact of COVID on their grades/the grading scheme, but even then, how do you validate it? Someone in a P/F school could say that it was their best semester yet and they got screwed over, but who can validate that? And as much as we like to think all of the people wanting to be doctors would abide by an honour code, we know that just wouldn't work. I do feel your pain though, I'm not sure what I would have done had I not gotten in this cycle, as I was a thesis student and W2020 WAS my best semester of undergrad, and it would have boosted my GPA high enough that I could have been competitive at more schools than I was. It's a tough situation all around, but I don't disagree with their choice to ignore W2020 grades, as much as I even supported the motion to let students choose back when this was initially released. I sincerely hope things do work out for you, and the other applicants struggling with this as well.
  8. "golden" yellow, orange, bright blue, burgundy, and apparently a purple (which there wasn't a pic of in the 4/5, but I'm skeptical we'd get it anyway, given how recently there was a purple class)
  9. I saw someone last year saying that they were hoping for yellow because then the incoming class would look like a bunch of bumblebees
  10. I mean honestly, you have an acceptance, which is pretty great, and I think Ireland does have some pretty good match rates here. Do you want to spend another year applying just for a CHANCE that things will go in your favour again more locally (accepting the risk that you MAY be rejected, especially with the lottery that applying to Canadian med schools can be), or take the for sure option now? I suppose what you hope to match into may also be a factor, but I've heard of people at Irish med schools doing some electives in Canada. Not sure what the match rates are without looking into it for the more competitive specialties either, but that may be helpful for you to do.
  11. Western is saying blended- mostly online, but hoping to get us in for at least a couple in-person sessions a month starting September for clinical skills & anat. Orientation is looking blended as well Edit: Forgot to add, but they're also planning on still making observerships possible
  12. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation! This makes a lot of sense. We had talked about a small life insurance policy too, but were considering not worrying about that when we saw the LOC had an option for a protection plan- definitely will be avoiding the latter now! I know I have a lot more learning to do with regards to personal finance... hard to know where to start sometimes as a first gen student/MD hah, so thank you for the primer!
  13. Wait could you elaborate on this? I (and my family) are super unfamiliar with how these work and was originally planning on getting loan insurance
  14. Certainly not specifically that, BUT "applicants are evaluated based on a composite of information including achievement of GPA and MCAT minimum thresholds and a description of unique life experiences that demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the School’s core values of diversity, teamwork/leadership, social accountability/responsibility, and self-directed learning/critical inquiry" There's certainly been a lot of discussion about this in the past, but I've also been under the impression that once the minimum has been met, you're considered on an equal stats footing. You can also see that there's a pretty good sample of people with much "lower" GPAs (being closer to 3.7) that were interviewed/accepted this year. And yes, since post-interview admission criteria is essentially a black box, we really don't know, but if GPA is at all considered competitively, it seems to be a pretty small factor compared to other factors like the interview/essays/refs, since the GPA range is pretty "big" of accepted students at Western.
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