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  1. Maybe if they’re all working from home then we could get responses at any time of the night
  2. To me it just seems weird that they would hold ALL of us just to all get rejected. Don’t get me wrong I’m def expecting a rejection but I just don’t get the logic.
  3. Interviews finished March 9th, so Ottawa is all good
  4. Wow they are REALLY dragging this on!! Thanks for the post though haha at least we can sort of keep our hopes up
  5. I would assume that means that if two people are tied based on GPA and interview score then they would look at things like ABS, etc. However, considering the panel has your ABS during the interview, if they look at it during their scoring it is possible that it could influence how the score you (this is completely my own guess and not necessarily right)
  6. I had the same experience! But from what I’ve heard in the past, the type of panel you have is not indicative of getting in or not
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