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  1. Anyone on Western's waitlist for OT - Did you receive an email stating where you were on the Waitlist? I haven't received any sort of email but on the Western Student Page it says "Waitlisted Accepted" Does anyone know who I could email to inquire about generally where I'm sitting on the waitlist? Thanks!
  2. Hi there! Thanks for providing this information Sorry if this question has been answered already - but how did you find out where you were on the Western Waitlist? Thanks!
  3. My Queens offer showed up last night on the Portal and I also received an email from them!
  4. Thank you so much! I'm sorry to hear about that, your grades and volunteer experience sound amazing though, that's really impressive! I don't know if the education location is considered, I really wish I had an answer for you regarding that! Best of luck : ) Someone else in this thread might know though so if you do & are reading this please let us know!
  5. Accepted to Queens OT! Also got waitlisted for Western OT and Toronto OT. If anyone has any experience with Queens OT please let me know or contact me privately if that is more comfortable for you (if that is a thing you can do on here). Congrats to everyone who has heard back, and if you're still waiting on news don't give up! Take a breather from the refresh button at some point today and enjoy the sunshine cGPA: 3.6 sGPA: 3.75
  6. Hello!! Has anyone heard anything regarding MMI Interview invites from McMaster yet for OT??
  7. Applied (all OT): UofT, McMaster, Queens, Western Accepted: Queens Waitlisted: Western, UofT Rejected: Mac cPGA: 3.6, sGPA: 3.76 Perceived strength of essays/interview/references: I have completed 2 field placements through my Undergraduate program, one at an IBI clinic working with children with ASD, the other in a school setting working with youth and young adults with various cognitive and physical differences. Currently working as an instructor therapist/respite worker at an ABA clinic for clients with ASD/various differences. I am completing a research project under an OT at McMaster completing a scoping review. I have extensive volunteer experience with services and clubs, providing peer support to students and raising over $110,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. I feel like my personal statements were okaaaaaaay, I had quite a few people read them over!! One of my references was from the OT I am completing research under, the other from the clinical director at the clinic I work at. Slightly worried about my GPA, but I am hopeful Best of luck everyone - you got this
  8. For OT applicants - I received emails from McMaster & Western about creating student accounts to receive updates on the status of my application, however, have not heard from Queens/U of T about setting anything like that up. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks Goodluck everyone!
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