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  1. I emailed my officer - they told me Trinity has completed their first round offers, though Cork is delaying their second round offers.
  2. Interesting... I received it directly from UCC on letterhead. I just assumed they would have sent it to all applicants! When did you submit your finished application?
  3. Did everyone get the email from UCC saying they are "continuing to process all applications in the usual way"...etc.
  4. I'm confused. How has there been 3 rounds of offers when I was told 10 days ago there has only been first round offers? Am I missing something?
  5. I emailed and they responded with: "For both UCC second round offers and Trinity first round offers, they will likely go out towards the end of March/early April. As the schools themselves decide the exact dates, this is only a rough estimate." So I'm assuming they're going to be sent out later than expected because I was initially told early march .
  6. I submitted the form Jan 25th, so roughly a week past mid January.
  7. My evaluation of prior learning form - it was my fault it was late because I was waiting to get a grade back.
  8. No she didn't give me any numbers. She told me I wasn't assessed for first round offers because they didn't receive one of my forms until after the 1st of January. I was also expecting more people to be announcing their invites!
  9. Yes I emailed Celina to inquire, and she said "UCC's GED program sent out their first round offers last week". According to her, the second round offers are now being assessed, and are expected to be sent out early next month.
  10. For those of you accepted, what is the deadline to accept your offer?
  11. Wow congrats to your friend! I didn't think they sent out offers this early. Does that mean first round offers are already sent out to AB applicants?
  12. Oh great, I was looking for this thread! I submitted all the required docs by the end of December, so let's see how this goes. Good luck everyone!
  13. I have an extensive resume with lots of shadowing, great references, and an A/A+ in all pre reqs, except for in genetics I have a C+ (which sticks out like a sore thumb on my evaluation of prior learning form)... do you think this mark will tarnish my application? Or will my other high marks help them to overlook my low genetics mark?
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