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  1. If you haven't received an offer as of now, just like me, then you will most likely NOT get an offer this cycle. I can see many of you guys wandering around here with false hope, and I just wanted to be the one to tell you this up front so that you guys can move on and won't beat yourselves over it for longer
  2. For anyone who's in a similar situation, I've lived and studied in both London and Toronto so will provide my own personal experience Toronto Pro: - Love the city and everything it has; pubs, bars, clubs, food, etc- you name it. If you live downtown, everything is in the walking distance. -UofT campus is very beautiful, though its in the middle of downtown of the city. You need to try brown food struck if you ever visit uoft. -Alot of festivals and events happen in the city -You can go watch the raptors teehee Cons: - Gets super busy; TTC (public transit) is TERRIBLE, always crowded and late - rent will be 2~4 times the amount of rent in London -People are closed off/independent -For someone like me who's lived in the city for the bulk of my life, I got tired of Toronto and wanted to live somewhere that wasn't such a big, urbanized city London Pro - School atmosphere is just phenomenal; incomparably more vibrant. I also found people to be alot more inclusive and conversational than UofT/Toronto -Love that it's not so urban but it's not like an isolated rural area. It has everything you need; groceries, food, clubs, bars, better public transit (which is free for students) -Cheap rent -Will enjoy your time alot more as a student -campus also beautiful -loud luxury will come here to perform here and there because they are Western grad Cons: - If you are used to big city, it will be a bit of transition; You have to goto nearby mall or downtown for bulk of restaurants and such -heard the program has new curriculum (the upcoming year will be the 3rd year to adopt new curriculum). I talked to couple of my friends and they just seem to enjoy/having fun with it, but can't speak for everyone - if your family lives in toronto, it will be a 2 hour commute But the commute hits different when you are going back with your friends (which is what i do)
  3. anyone know if movement has begun for uoft?
  4. If anyone wants to arrange a skype interview prep, PM me! I can arrange 1on1s or small groups
  5. If you are interested in mmi skype interview practice, PM me! I can arrange either 1 on 1s or small groups
  6. Would you be interested in prepping through skype?
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