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  1. That's a great general formula to follow. I will certainly practice it. Thank you for your advice!
  2. Hi there! I am doing two Bachelor's at the same time, mainly because I have a topic in Arts and a topic in Science that I am passionate about. I will be finished both at the end of this year. With regards to what they told me, I was given the specific advice to just fill out one of the answers because of the reason I gave. With regards to the Master's, absolutely, I think you are correct. I would not be doing a Master's if I did not feel passionately about the topic, I would probably spend time boosting my ECs otherwise.
  3. Good strategy! I was wondering what do you believe should be included in the answer? Should a decision be made immediately at the start, or should you work through and consider multiple scenarios (given that the situations presented are often ambiguous)? Is that even possible in 1.5 minutes?
  4. Thank you for your honesty. I had done so on the advice of individuals who had said this would maximize my CASPer score. I was told that marking depended most on the quality of your answers and whether you could demonstrate an ethical understanding of the situation presented and not on the quantity. As such, I felt that I would be best served by focusing on how to demonstrate my ability to display empathy and make ethical decisions rather than on answering all 3 questions in 5 minutes with a lacklustre answer for each. Also, on some questions, I found myself answering the other questions in my reply to the first. Perhaps that was a mistake. Do you have any insight into how the CASPer is marked (scores are not released to those marked so I took the advice offered at the time)?
  5. Thank you for the tip! Unfortunately not from the North but would certainly love to work/live there one day.
  6. Thank you for your honesty, it is greatly appreciated! Do you have any advice on how to improve my CASPer? Hoping for that 4.0 this semester! Do you have any insight into what McMaster is looking for? Will 2 Bachelor's and a Master be enough?
  7. Thanks for your advice! I am limiting my extracurriculars to lab work and my job this semester. I have maintained a 4.0 for the first semester and am hoping to do the same for this semester as well. Do you have any advice on how I can improve for the CASPer? Are there any websites or resources that can help me practice? I will certainly only going to do a Master that I am passionate about, that tends to be the goal when I approach things. I really appreciate the advice.
  8. What would you recommend? Should I practice answering all three? Are there any resources I can use to help maximize my score?
  9. Thank you for your advice! I am hoping to do so this semester. Last semester was a 4.0 so I am just hoping that I can maintain that this semester as well. I will take a look as soon as I can see the stats for the class of 2020 for my MCAT.
  10. Thank you for your honesty! That is certainly the plan for the coming year. Hoping to have a graduate degree by the end of next year to boost myself up a little. American med schools are unfortunately a little out of reach financially at the moment.
  11. Hey there! Thank you for your reply! I applied to Ottawa and Queen's but I don't think I am eligible for Western because to complete my two Bachelor's I had to complete quite a few first and second year courses in my third and fourth years that exclude me from the Western prerequisite of having a majority of courses in your year of study.
  12. Hi Nik, Thank you for your advice. Your stats seem really good, I wouldn't rule out UofT there is certainly still a chance for you, you never know! I am/have applied for Masters programs and have looked further into research to gain more experience there. Hopefully that will make me a bit more competitive, but I will take your advice and look into other options as well.
  13. Hey there! Thank you for your reply, I applied to: Alberta, Manitoba, McMaster, UofT, Queen's, Ottawa, NOSM, McGill My wGPA was: Alberta: 3.74 Manitoba: 3.70 (drops 30 lowest credit hours) McMaster: doesn't have a wGPA as far as I'm aware UofT: 3.79 (wGPA excluding 4 FCE= 8 semester courses and summer courses) Queen's: 3.66 (2 most recent full-time years excluding summer courses) Ottawa: 3.58 NOSM: doesn't have a wGPA as far as I'm aware McGill: 3.85 (takes my most recent degree (BA)) I may have made some calculation errors, but I believe those are relatively correct. Let me know if you think there might be errors! As for the CASPer, I felt relatively ok with my answers, but I took the approach of answering one question really well and thoroughly instead of answering all three with a less-than-ideal answer. Let me know what you think about that and if you think that may have been the wrong approach to take!
  14. It is official, I have been rejected from all 8 schools that I applied to. First of all, congratulations to everyone who got interviews, your hard work is paying off and I sincerely wish you all the best! I need some advice. I started looking into this forum a little ago (about a month ago) as I waited to hear back from schools and I feel like the anonymity of the forum will allow people to be more honest with me about my application and what I should be doing to make myself more competitive. These were my stats: Location: Ontario Education: BSc (4 year) and BA (3 year) expected this year (5th year undergrad) MCAT: 510 126/129/130/125 (CP/CARS/BB/PS) cGPA: 3.58 (this is prior to my 5th year grades and I have a steep increase in my 4th year which helps with wGPA) ECs: really varied and for extended periods of time, student government, competitive sport, medical receptionist, mentor, tutor, choir singer, volunteering with kids, arts I know I am not as stellar or competitive as many of the applicants here in this forum and I have been working to improve for the next round of applications but I could use advice as soon as possible so that I really have time to improve and have a better shot the next time around. Since my application I have secured a volunteer position in 2 labs to gain research experience (which I know I lack). My GPA this year (5th year) has been very high thus far (4.0). I have also applied to Master's programs. What else should I be doing? Is there any hope for me at all? I hope I have been clear with my post (please don't hesitate to ask if there is something that is not clear to you) and I really appreciate any advice that is offered. It means a lot that you would read this, I just feel a little lost.
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