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  1. Rock a mullet: Business in the front/ party in the back
  2. Lmaooo ^^ his daily is a hybrid right now that 808hp would send him into another dimension but I like the support
  3. To OP as mentioned previously financial decisions all come down to personal risk levels and in the end only you can be the one to decide whether indulging now is worth it or not in the long run... that being said as a fellow incoming student, Last summer I ended up selling my motorcycle to start financing a S550 mustang GT and was it a responsible decision? Definitely not. But as a young automotive enthusiast I can say that everyday I drive my car it puts a huge smile on my face and at this moment in my life I would do it a thousand times again! Over the year I have been able to attend autocross/track day events and develop stronger friendships with many of the great people in the car community (These car community events have been priceless in so much that many of these individuals are not academically focused so to myself it's the perfect way to separate myself from the stress of school and take moments to just enjoy a passion that has nothing to do with academics) A couple things to add in that I had to account for are; having two cars can make finding a place to live tricky as parking spaces in metro centres can be hard/pricey to come by and if you plan on driving it in the winter I can confirm is near impossible hahaha. From your posts I think you have already mentally made your decision to buy a sports car and I wish you the best of luck with entering the car community you're going to love it P.S: I'm not sure how the PM feature works on this blog but if you have any questions on pricing and costs of ownership feel free to shoot me a PM and I can tell you about my experience so far
  4. I spoke with the admissions office a few weeks back and they said they are being understanding with things coming late because of corona so you should be fine (:
  5. Take the hint... they don’t want you On a serious note though I’m in the some boat so I think they are just busy and haven’t gotten around to accepting everyone yet
  6. Rejected UC (cohort 1) but accepted UA ! Good luck everyone (:
  7. This must be our punishment for someone asking what late afternnoon means LOL
  8. I'm IP and the only thing to change was my blood pressure AHHH
  9. New post says admissions will come out (LATE) this afternoon so we have time to de stress and enjoy the morning still
  10. I would likely recommend against it. Some schools have mentioned disregarding your whole semester if you take a P/F on even one course so if your other grades are strong taking a p/f would likely make them all irrelevant. Also another point, a B+ is a pretty good grade for chemistry and if you take a pass/fail the person reviewing your transcript at a later date is going to assume you actually finished the class with between a D and C+ and took the pass to inflate your GPA
  11. Every time I look at this forums my heart rate triples! After waiting all year i'm just ready to get crushed by the results or celebrate like never before
  12. This was a great article, thank you for sharing it! As a pre-med student trying to enjoy my pathway to medicine instead of focusing so much on the light at the end of the tunnel this really resonated with my views on the pre-med landscape i've gotten to know over the past few years! Well worth the read for anyone (:
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