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  1. I spoke with the admissions office a few weeks back and they said they are being understanding with things coming late because of corona so you should be fine (:
  2. Take the hint... they don’t want you On a serious note though I’m in the some boat so I think they are just busy and haven’t gotten around to accepting everyone yet
  3. Rejected UC (cohort 1) but accepted UA ! Good luck everyone (:
  4. This must be our punishment for someone asking what late afternnoon means LOL
  5. I'm IP and the only thing to change was my blood pressure AHHH
  6. New post says admissions will come out (LATE) this afternoon so we have time to de stress and enjoy the morning still
  7. I would likely recommend against it. Some schools have mentioned disregarding your whole semester if you take a P/F on even one course so if your other grades are strong taking a p/f would likely make them all irrelevant. Also another point, a B+ is a pretty good grade for chemistry and if you take a pass/fail the person reviewing your transcript at a later date is going to assume you actually finished the class with between a D and C+ and took the pass to inflate your GPA
  8. Every time I look at this forums my heart rate triples! After waiting all year i'm just ready to get crushed by the results or celebrate like never before
  9. This was a great article, thank you for sharing it! As a pre-med student trying to enjoy my pathway to medicine instead of focusing so much on the light at the end of the tunnel this really resonated with my views on the pre-med landscape i've gotten to know over the past few years! Well worth the read for anyone (:
  10. The application manual says you have until June 30th, 2020 for official transcripts to be received! Re-trying to call might be your best bet but according the manual we still have over a month to send official transcripts. "Out-of-Province applicants attending the MMI are required to have an official transcript sent as soon as the 2019/20 grades are reported at the end of the academic year (April 2020). If you are currently in a graduate program, we P a g e | 16 require an additional transcript at the end of Term 1 showing any final grades that were awarded so that they may also be considered in the calculation of the UAA. All offers of admission will be conditional upon receipt of an official final transcript showing award of the degree used in the calculation of the UAA. Deadline to receive the final official transcript is June 30, 2020."
  11. I spoke to a few of the current students at the pre-interview night and a great point they mentioned is that there is usually 100+ OOP applicants interviewed who tend to the accept offers closer to home so that brings the odds up substantially, as well as in Dr. Panacciones's post he mentioned that 40% of applicants were from UofA so the trend of staying close to home helps the odds there as well. It's definitely a nerve racking process going through and looking at admissions numbers and previous accept/rejects but when the time comes I hope you get to matriculate into a great program (: here's a quote for everyone during these final weeks and current situation in the world "Do not indulge in dreams of having what you have not, but reckon up the chief of the blessings you do possess, and then thankfully remember how you would crave for them if they were not yours." - Marcus Aurelius
  12. Here is a link to the AMFC admissions statistics from previous years! It provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the schools admissions numbers which might help https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
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