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  1. Yeah! that actually makes sense. I calculated my 5 years excluding 10 of my courses and I estimate that it will be around ~3.94. I never thought of applying but this will be my backup just incase I don't get to the other places. thank you!
  2. Thank you! Yeah definitely, I agree. I think UofT is out of the question since, their GPA averages are almost a 4.0. Their wGPA is calculated so that 4 of the lowest grade courses are remove during the calculation. Considering my multiple course messups (mostly in first year and second), I dont think I can come close to a good enough wGPA. Yeah I was thinking of applying to Ottawa in my 5th year and maybe after my university. I'll be taking the MCAT this summer using prep 101. Wish my luck and thanks!!
  3. Hey guys! My GPA for each year is: Year 1: 3.22 Year 2: 3.62 (First semester = 3.26, Second semester = 3.98 (AKA When I pulled my shit together from personal problem) Year 3: 3.94 Year 4: Haven't started but I know I will get at least 3.96-3.98 I'm going to take the MCAT this summer and I know I will do great. I wanted to get your opinion on: Whether I should do a 5th year so my 4th year grades get considered or a masters? Edit: I forgot to mention my ECs: - Running a group of volunteers where we take food that's about to be thrown out, cook it and donate it to a woman's shelter. - Volunteers/perform laser therapy on patients - 200 hours+/3-4 years of continuous hospital volunteering in physiotherapy/occupational therapy --> lots of patient interaction - Administrative/Finance Executive of Diabetes club at Uni - Small volunteer jobs here and there involving medicine/or not
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