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  1. Oh so those who did not go in person only did the MMI not the panel interview?
  2. Hi, sorry for maybe a stupid question. I interview on March 7th, so I wasn’t effected by the cancelation. I’m wondering what is happening for those who did not get to interview in person.
  3. From my understanding Mac weighs the supplementary application very heavy compared to GPA. Just like their medical school. If you are getting waitlisted for an interview you must have decent interviewing skills but are not quite there yet. I would look into getting practice and perhaps coaching for the supplementary application and the MMI. Also know that PA is very competitive statistic wise. I think around 800 apply and only 75ish get interviews. That is about 10% success rate. So be proud you came that far. I have interviewed at PA schools and medical schools if you want to PM and ask specific questions.
  4. I have also been dong the same thing. Too much time on my hands now so its nice to day dream. I had interviews at Queens, Mac and Ottawa. I kind of want to go to mac as its the best choice logistically for me. My family, boyfriend, friends are all here, I love the city and did my undergrad here so some clubs I would want to continue with. However, I understand the disadvantages to mac, 3 year program, some do not like PBL. And for my self my biggest worry is that a lot of people say Mac does not have a community feel to it and that makes me sad. I was hoping I would get to see what Mac was like at the interviews but now that chance is gone. Can anyone speak to how Mac does in terms of Collegiality? I really want to make close friends with my peers and faculty.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your reaction! I’m so happy for you (virtual hugs)! It must have felt amazing specially after trying for 5 years! I’m sure all the little worries will resolve them selves for now enjoy this huge accomplishment!
  6. Check out this document, it shows some date from the last few years, does not include last year though. https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf
  7. Thank you for sharing! I remember my interview invites went to my junk as well! The first one I got this year was for McMaster and I remember also being in class trying to control myself haha! I wish you luck next week!!! Let us know how it goes. Oh how I wish Ontario sent out there acceptances earlier!
  8. trust me I am doing that too! Just looking for ways to past the time
  9. With McMaster canceling interviews and COVID-19 canceling all social event to keep me busy I’m going crazy waiting for May 12th. To pass the time I was interested in hearing people’s acceptance story/reaction. Did you open the email right away or did you wait ? Did you do it alone or with friends and family? Did you jump with joy or cry with happiness? did you have to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn’t a dream? As well, did you do any special reveal for parents or special mentors who have helped you on your journey? I’m thinking if I’m lucky enough to get accepted I would like to do something special for my mom and dad. just looking for some nice feel good stories to pass the time!
  10. Just wondering, how much does Ottawa weigh Casper, gpa and abs for the pre interview score?
  11. Why would they not do Virtual when others schools are? This seems highly unfair for those with average or below average stats.
  12. I know a few school have broken down the cost for school, living and other expenses. I can not find one for Queens, wondering if someone might know as I am trying to fill this out for there admissions package. Thanks!
  13. Whoops I calculated wrong. It is edited.
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