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  1. not pleased with their response. If its a hard deadline then explain it more and help me find solutions. If its not a hard deadline and exceptions can be made tell me to try my best but if things don't work out don't sweet it... so i don't feel panicked for the next week worried im not headed to med school becuase of one form.
  2. Thanks for sharing, perhaps I'll try to reach out to AFMC... wish queens would be more understanding...
  3. do you have an where that is posted? Maybe i can go back to queens with that.. .
  4. When I told my school that my doctor said things might be slow due to covid they just sent this back... "Yes it is the serology requirements that you are missing. Unfortunately the deadline is July 17th, 2020 as this is set out by the AFMC and cannot be changed. It is a condition of your offer to complete all requirements on the admissions checklist by the respective deadlines." So if I miss the deadline what happens?
  5. My doctor messed up and we are missing a serology test. I am trying to find an appointment and even then if I do I don't know if the turn around time will be longer. It is typcially a week. If I can't complete this do I lose my offer? Panicing
  6. Just wondering, what is the format for interviews are typically? On their website right now it just says interviews will be online due to covid. Thanks!
  7. My heart just stopped . Will have to get comfortable with this i guess
  8. I'm not sure about full rides I have not heard of anyone but might just be who I know. I was lucky to get an award for 5K x 4 = 20 k over the 4 years and then another 4K for my first year. It will help a little with the cost but I will probably keep my eyes open for more awards and such at my school
  9. Is interest calculated daily with these lines of credits? Does anyone know of an online tracker to calculate the LOC interest. I am just trying to get an understanding of how much interest I will have to pay after my residency if I use x amount of the line of credit. Sorry if these are easy answers but I don't know much about finances and thought I would ask here before I start my own searching. I would love to be able to have an excel file sheet that I could use to so I can see how much interest I will have to pay back in 8-10 years.
  10. i guess they might have more luck since there are zero cases in kingston right now
  11. Hey just wondering if an iPad would be helpful for the program here at queens? Do a lot of students have iPads or are computers used mostly?? Thanks!
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