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  1. R1 in family medicine here, Can someone please explain the job description of a Family physician as a surgical assistant ? in terms of what the job entails, the work environment and remuneration ?
  2. I must have been confused working without RAMQ remuneration and working under RAMQ but without a PREM then
  3. I think you can, but I also believe the downside to that is the fact that the government will cut out 30% of your total billings
  4. Thank you for your reply, that was very helpful. Could you expand on this ? I kinda have an idea on how PREMs work in Québec, but I have no idea how does the system work for freshly graduating FM residents in Ontario let's say for someone who wants to build a practice in a rural area where he/she does office, hospitalization ± ER shifts or OBS
  5. Also if you are currently doing your residency in FM, you may want to check the R3 clinician scholar programs offered in many universities.
  6. Interesting! thank you for your reply. I would assume that the pay is better in Ontario than in Quebec as well (I might be wrong), although the cost of living might be higher. I am starting to worry about the situation in Québec after hearing negative reports from junior family doctors here regarding the regulations imposed by the government.
  7. Anyone ? I am hearing a lot of negative things about the "PREM" and "AMP" system in Quebec. I would like to know if other provinces (particularly Ontario) has a similar system ?
  8. Hello folks, I am starting my residency in FM in July in Québec. I am interested in having a diverse practice varying between outpatient clinics, hospital medicine, ER shifts ...etc. (I heard even that some family physicians practicing in rural Quebec are doing sub-specialization in oncology, OB-GYN, drug dependance ...etc which will be interesting for me too) I have a couple of questions regarding the flexibility of FM practice in Quebec vs in Ontario : 1- Which province give family doctors more flexibility in their practice regardless of the remuneration and the geographic location ( rural Quebec vs rural Ontario / urbain Quebec vs urban Ontario ) ? 2- If both provinces are similar in terms of flexibility of practice, which province is better in terms of remuneration for family doctors ? Some facts: - I have family and friends in both provinces, so no absolute ties in any of the two. - I care more about having a diverse practice more than living in urban vs rural location - I am able to practice in both English and French - Trying to avoid doing an R3 but will be willing to do it if necessary Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask for more details if it will help you better answer my questions Thanks,
  9. You may also want to consider whether or not you can handle a busy schedule during an IM residency vs a more relaxed schedule in pathology. Just something for you to consider when you are making your choice of a backup specialty .....
  10. What's your year of graduation and what's your most recent clinical experience (hands on clinical experience I mean) ? that makes a huge difference and it is as important as exam scores! a lot of programs have strict exclusion criteria for IMGs based on scores and recency of practice, any of which can exclude you automatically from the pool of applicants even before looking into your application.
  11. Interesting! They mentioned that they will limit OOP places and give preference to IP applicants, seems like a good strategy for retaining MDs in the province no ? (given that IP applicants usually have higher chances of practicing in their home province ). Is there any stats on what's the percentage of med students who train in Quebec and then practice/train for residency in other provinces ? is the percentage higher than med students training in other provinces ? just curious to understand the motive of adopting such strategy
  12. As a future R1 in family medicine in Quebec based in a rural UMF, will I get any additional benefits ? I understand that I will get reimbursement for travel expenses and for housing while on away rotations but my question is how much of additional salary will I roughly get per month on top of the base salary ? Thanks in advance
  13. Y a t'il des avantages financiers pour les résidents de médecine familiale en régions éloignées au Quebec ? Est ce que les résidents dans ces régions sont ils admissible à une subsistance l'hébergement mensuels additionnel au salaire ?
  14. Hi, The 2021 match cycle for the R3 FM match will be renamed FM/ES instead of FM/EM. in addition, 2 new programs will added: 1) Enhanced surgical skills 2) Family practice anaesthesia. Any idea what these two new programs will entail ?
  15. Hello everyone, I am trying to rank the Québec FM rural sites and I was wondering if there is any difference between these sites ( other than how far each site is from Montréal ) : 1- Should I consider which university the site is affiliated with in my ranking even if that means i will have to go farther (uLaval vs. uSherbrooke vs. uMontréal)? 2- Some people seem to deliberately choose these rural sites in order to get more exposure and independence, is that really worth it ? Any input would be appreciated Thank you!
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