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  1. I just let my advisor know that the CoE wasn't available yet and he said I could send the receipt for my acceptance deposit and my letter/email of acceptance as proof instead!
  2. If anyone is looking for a LOC with RBC in Saskatoon, I contacted Oleksandr Holovko(306-668-3881, oleksandr.holovko@rbc.com) and he has been absolutely amazing! He is a Medical/Dental Healthcare Advisor and knows his stuff. I was in a bit of a rush for the LOC so I let him know and he got my LOC submitted in one day. It was approved two days after submitting everything! I would definitely recommend him if you are planning on going with RBC. I just went with RBC because they were slightly faster in response times/follow-ups and after doing hours and hours of research I found both banks were comparable for my needs. Remember, you can always switch easily down the line!
  3. That's amazing! Do you know if they were IP or OOP?
  4. Not sure what's up with the secrecy lol but I read in previous years' posts that OOP waitlist was 20-30 people. Not sure how true that is but hope that helps!
  5. Hi guys, I would love to join in on the MMI practice if anyone is still interested! I live in Saskatoon. Let me know, thanks!
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