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  1. Woah that's crazy. I actually live in a major city in Alberta and want to stay here so that's good news
  2. Very true. I've heard a lot of good things from actual dentists as well. It just scares me when everywhere I go I see a dental clinic and I think of all the saturation.
  3. Ahhh yes. I've heard so many great things about dentistry but seeing posts online about saturation make me hesitate. The government of Canada website predicts that they will be more jobs than people seeking in this decade but I don't know how much we can trust that considering the high amount of forgein dentists that can gain license. Dentistry and engineering are my two top career choices and both are equal in terms of my interest. Dentistry is more appealing because of the pay and work-life balance but if it's the case that this is not true I'd rather go with engineering because it would take less time and money
  4. Omg yes. But I've shadowed a dentist who said it was not extremely hard to payoff. However considering the amount of debt you would expect the payoff to be good
  5. Everyone talks about dentists being paid really well. But I feel like it might be misleading if on average they make around 120k and don't get any retirement or benefits. Plus taxes would take a big cut. With saturation, that number might go down too. Edit: not sure why this got deleted, I must have done it by accident.
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