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  1. “ I have gone through all the files. If anything was missing that I required, you would have received an email from me.” This was from Jo-Anne. Do you guys think we will be hearing about invites soon?
  2. You’re kidding! I didn’t apply to UBC because the admissions lady told me I have to have the pre reqs completed prior to applying. I explained to her that I’ll take the course online in September, and she still said they won’t even look at it.
  3. I called the admissions lady, and she said we should be expecting invites/rejections this week!
  4. If accepted, will any of you decline your invitations to ualberta?
  5. My friend wasn’t accepted, but he recieved an interview. Considering that the uofa only looks at DAT and GPA, the fact that you did not receive an interview points to something else. I have no clue as to how many students applied. I’m very anxious because I am definitely on the lower end of things with a 3.75 gpa and a 62 DAT.
  6. I was told from admissions that 100-110 students will be interviewed this year.
  7. Do you mind sharing your GPA? I had a friend that got an interview with a 3.7 and a 46 DAT last year at UAlberta. Maybe there was something else in your application like courses or transcripts?
  8. Does every qualified in province student get an interview? It seems like there aren’t too many qualified students applying to the u of a. I wonder if any in province students have interviewed with a 45 DAT score.
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